Ikonikfn Com Codes {Mar} Find Ways With Detailed Steps!

Read the details on how to obtain Ikonikfn Com Codes. Know different ways in which Ikonikfn.com provides you with the codes.

Are you interested in redeeming OP codes to obtain free stands, game bucks, etc? Do you play Frontline, Bhrangra Boogie, Galaxy (or) Black Knight? Would you like to earn 13.5K V-Bucks in Frontline? How about obtaining codes to activate skins and dance moves?

Are you looking for a website in the United States and Canada offering such OP Codes? Ikonikfn.com is a website explicitly offering such codes. Let us read about the steps to obtain the Ikonikfn Com Codes below.


Ikonikfn.com does not offer any codes on its own. Instead, Ikonikfn.com simply provides external links to three websites that give you an option to import codes and bundled packages:

  1. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDji–Po1guvqULjqyPntJg
  2. https://linkvertise.com and
  3. https://versace2020max.wixsite.com/glitchv2

How to obtain codes by watching tutorials?

  • The video tutorials for obtaining OP codes are updated on the @YUX youtube channel. The @YUX channel provides codes for various games. 

Let us check how to import codes from the other two links.

From Ikonikfn.com, choose the type of code you are looking for. Currently, on Ikonikfn.com, you will find options for various game codes, including Freefire.

How to obtain Ikonikfn Com Codes?

  • Once you click on any of the options, you will be redirected to linkvertise.com. The page that appears will give you two options.
  • The first option is for importing the codes with free access. The second option is to join as a premium member. 
  • The Premium membership is offered at €2.99/month and €19.99/year. 
  • With premium membership, the user gets exclusive access to the bloggers content who publish OP Codes, ad-free access to the website, and direct access to install links.
  • With free access, you are directed to import the ProSwapper-v3 application. 
  • Once the Ikonikfn Com Codes application- ProSwapper-v3 is imported on your local drive, extract the files in a folder. 
  • In the list of files, you will find an application file. 
  • Run the application file to open ProSwapper-v3. 
  • The application will require you to enter REGISTRATION CODE and give you an option to get it from linkvertise.com.
  • Once you click the option to get the CODE, a web page will open, and linkvertise.com will prompt the REGISTRATION CODE. 
  • Please copy the CODE as-it-is and past it in the ProSwapper-v3 registration window. ProSwapper-v3 gets fully activated.
  • Next, go to settings in the Ikonikfn Com Codes application- ProSwapper-v3 and click on start Freefire. 
  • The Freefire game will get started with ProSwapper-v3 partially controlling it. 
  • Now, you will find many activated options to obtain new stands, upgrades and bucks, etc.
  • A similar procedure followed at Versace2020max.wixsite.com/glitchv2. Stands for other games are also obtained with a similar procedure. However, the package name imported from linkvertise.com will be different.


Please note that AlienVault, Maleware detector, has reported that packages imported from linkvertise.com CONTAINS MALWARE, harmful to your device and data security. Hence, due to the presence of malware, we do not recommend you to access ProSwapper-v3 and the links promoted by Ikonikfn Com Codes. Official Freefire store is better and safer than Ikonikfn.com.

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