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In Elden Ring, how do you use Great Runes? Great Runes are dropped by defeated mainline bosses and should be activated before being used. They provide you with big bonuses if you use them within your single life. We’ll show you about using Great Runes in our Elden Ring instruction.

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What are great runes?

Great Runes are indeed a potent tool inside the Elden Rings arsenal that may go undiscovered for a long time by players. Even though you won’t obtain your very first until you fight Godrick, you’ll still need to wear it to utilise its abilities fully. In Elden Ring, here’s how to get Great Runes.

Godrick will receive a Great Rune after you defeat him in Storm veil Castle. You’ll have to go to the Divine Castle of Lim grave to unlock the Rune, but donning the Rune is a breeze if you’ve already done that. To unlock the Rune, you’ll have to go to the Divine Castle of Lim grave, but donning the Rune is a breeze if you’ve already done that. How to Great Equip Runes guide will provide you with all the details on the activation process.

The strong Great Runes provide massive bonuses for several of Elden Ring’s most difficult bouts, but obtaining and activating one isn’t as easy as conquering a boss. Many gamers have misunderstood how Great Runes operate and if they are always active.

All Great Runes will be gained and activated in the same method, regardless of who or what you get them from.

You will activate the Great Rune if you use a Rune Arc until you die. These details will help you in the activation process.

Elden Ring: How to Great Equip Runes

Go to any Sites of Mercy and take a break. The user may find the Great Rune choosing option in anything you can accomplish in the fall menu. To equip Godrick’s Great Rune on your character, click on it and Godrick’s Great Rune. It is currently inactive, and you have it equipped. You’ll need a Rune Arc, a consumable item to activate a Great Rune. These are valuable resources that the user across the Lands Between may find.

The activation process is straightforward, and all the guide is mentioned above.

Details about the process:

The user in Divine Towers should activate great Runes. Talking about How to Great Equip Runes, they’re usually close to where the boss you earned them from used to be. 

If you have the Great Rune from Godrick the Grafted, you should proceed east along the castle wall towards the Divine Towers of Limgrave. Once you’ve gotten to the top, connect with the altar. The Great Rune will be activated as a result of this.


Elden Ring is a brand-new video game from Japanese developer From Software, well known for creating the brutally tricky Dark Souls series. 

A completionism playthrough of the game will take approximately 99 and a half hours. For more details, read the detailed article on How to Great Equip Runes

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