How Long Will Jeff Bezos Be in Space (July) Check Date!

How Long Will Jeff Bezos Be in Space (July) Check Date! >> The guide shares details about the suborbital flight launch and the time crew members would spend on the space.  

Jeff Bezos, the Amazon founder and richest person globally, is all set to give a green signal to his company, Blue Origin’s New Shepard launch for the upcoming suborbital flight with the history-making crew members. It is considered to be the next milestone in the age of classified space travel. 

The Amazon founder and US billionaire is due to take off from a desert in the West Texas United States in a voyage. Now people want to know more about the mission and How Long Will Jeff Bezos Be in Space.     

When is the Mission Set for Launch to Space?

The launch mission is set to take off on 20th July 2021 at 9 am EDT from a desert site close to West Texas. The spaceship will take off from the launch site “One Complex” of Blue Origin. 

It is situated in the Guadalupe Mountains, close to the desert of West Texas. Bezos will accompany three more members during the mission. The details of the other crew members are discussed below in the post.

How Long Will Jeff Bezos Be in Space?

As per the sources, the launch mission is expected to last for 10 to 11 minutes. After that, Bezos and his crew members will be in outer space for about a minute. The launch to landing time will be 10 minutes, and the spaceship will reach the altitude above the Karman Line, which is 100km above the earth. 

The crew members in the spaceship will experience the buoyancy for 3-4 minutes, and after that, the capsule will detach from the rocket. The crew needs to strap back into the seat for three minutes, and the capsule will slide down gradually towards the earth. 

So, the answer to How Long Will Jeff Bezos Be in Space is that the entire crew will be in the so-called space for 10-11 minutes.    

Who will Accompany Bezos in the Mission?

Three other crewmembers will accompany Bezos in the spaceship mission. Below is the list of crew members.

  • Walky Funk, 82 years pioneering female aviator 
  • Oliver Daemen, an 18 years student from the Netherlands
  • Mark Bezos, the brother of Jeff Bezos 

These are the crew members who will accompany Bezos in his suborbital flight. 

Why Bezos Decided for the Space Mission?

As you know, How Long Will Jeff Bezos Be in Space? Let us learn why he decided on such a suborbital space mission. 

Since Jeff Bezos can afford such a mission, he wants to take a suborbital flight to make history.  

  • The billionaire from the United States has a long interest in spaceships, and he confirmed this on his Instagram post last month. 
  • Bezos launched Blue Origin to enter the burgeoning commercial space industry.   
  • The company confirms the purpose of creating the future where people can live and work in space for the benefit of the earth.


With the launch of the suborbital flight, the company aims to have a reservoir for future customers. So, hopefully, you have got the answer to How Long Will Jeff Bezos Be in Space.   

Do you have anything to add about the Space Exploration of Bezos? Would you like to share it in the comment box below?

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