Should You Hire a Copywriter?

Compelling imagery fuels a designer’s career, but engaging text can be just as important to their output. Not only does it help you develop a skill you can use in many facets of your business to draw clients. In fact, it also allows you to experiment with your voice and messaging.

Unlike some larger corporations, the time-pressed designers leading small businesses frequently don’t have the luxury of hiring an in-house marketing expert to handle such creative problems. Luckily, a studiohawk seo copywriter can give you that. 

Are You Richer in Time Than in Money?

Undoubtedly, spending money on these services makes sense, but using your copywriting skills is preferable if you’re already on a tight budget and have a few hours to spare each week. At the very least, you will become more familiar with copywriting jargon and what to look for, enabling you to choose a copywriter for your company with greater knowledge.

What is the Hourly Value of Your Time?

If your firm charges an hourly fee of $250, compose a brief email marketing campaign to your newsletter list to generate leads for customers willing to pay that amount. Since copywriting isn’t your area of expertise, creating five brief emails and a long copy sales page requires 3 hours daily and 4–5 hours on the weekend.

Imagine you locate a copywriter with experience in email marketing campaigns, and your business is willing to take on the project and finish it in a week for $2,500. Spend more time on client strategy, fulfillment, and follow-up, finish the product faster, and save money.

Would Hire a Copywriter Benefit You?

Imagine your company is just getting started, and you’re launching your first-ever product. 

It is for a small item with a $27 price tag, and you receive 50 daily visitors to your blog from your list of 500 subscribers. About 30 units should be sold in the first week, followed by 2 to 3 units each following week. Your estimated initial sales are $810, with subsequent weekly sales of between $54 and 81 dollars. 

Good copywriters charge hundreds or thousands of dollars for sales pages. Investing money in a reasonably priced school and writing the text yourself would be wiser. But don’t count out the chance of finding a motivated copywriter who is just getting started and would do this for less money or in exchange for a recommendation.

Is A Copywriter Your Only Form of Marketing?

Effective copywriting is an essential component of your marketing strategy. Still, to get the most from a copywriter, you must plan how to use marketing to draw readers to the content you want them to create. The sales page by itself is insufficient to generate revenue for your company. 

A smart copywriter will want to know how you intend to drive traffic, whether you need assistance driving traffic, and where public transport flows from. Any new marketing materials will be consistent with the message you are already conveying to potential customers.

Do You Know Where to Look for Them?

It will be challenging for a copywriter to create a message that appeals to your target client if you’re unsure who you want to reach and where to find them. 

A professional copywriter may help you identify these characteristics. They analyze your current customer base if you have many former clients. It could also be applicable if you know that you want more just like them but are unsure exactly how to classify their shared characteristics. 

Do You Have a Concept for Your Goods or Services?

Go inside the product and learn every nuance to uncover its rich benefits. Before employing a copywriter to make your marketing sparkle, spend additional time testing offers on your audience if you’re unsure of what you want to provide. 

Don’t worry if you still don’t feel ready to hire a copywriter after determining the answers to those questions but don’t want to spend months studying.

Let The Word Wizards Do Their Work

As you can see, hiring a copywriter to produce top-notch site copy is a terrific idea for every organization. Putting your content in the hands of skilled wordsmiths will help you improve your website’s text and attract more visitors and customers.

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