Tips to Get Rid of Fever Faster: At-Home Relief Options!

Body Pain and Fever Home Remedies for Fast Relief! 

Weather change is just around the corner, and it brings a wave of fever with itself. Fever does not only cause weakness but also unbearable body pain. Whenever we have a fever, we want it to go away fast and feel our best. Going to the doctor to get medicine can feel like a big hassle. 

A few home remedies can help you get rid of fever and body pain fast. You don’t have to wait for the fever to break because these remedies will make the process quicker. Dive right into the article for great remedies! 

Tips to Remediate Fever and Body Pain 

Bodily inflammation can be hard to deal with and cause discomfort. Fever can cause body pain which can make you quite weak. Nobody wants to deal with a fever for weeks and wants it to pass faster. If you want to get rid of fever faster, here are some remedies to try: 

1. Take Medication 

Sometimes, you must take medicine to help break the fever and feel better. You don’t have to visit the doctor to get a prescription because you can find many over-the-counter medications that work fast. Tylenol, aspirin, paracetamol, etc., are some medicines that can help break the fever faster. 

Ask the pharmacist if you need to know which fever medicine to buy. Does aspirin help with inflammation? It is one of the common questions most people have when buying medicines. Aspirin is an anti-inflammatory painkiller that can help with muscle pain, headache, and cramps. 

You have frequent headaches and body pain when dealing with a fever. Make sure to take fever medicines and a muscle relaxant to feel better. Sleeping after taking medicines can help you feel a lot better and energized. 

2. Have Soups and Bone Broth 

When you suffer from a fever, it can be hard to swallow solid food. Spicy and salty food can feel like a burden to eat. When you have a fever and sore throat, anything spicy can cause inflammation and pain. Hence, it is best to have bland and liquid food for a while for better digestion. 

Soups and bone broths are great for soothing throat inflammation and recovering faster. Hot bone broth helps provide immune support, which fosters a healing process. Liquid foods help provide hydration to your body, which helps with faster recovery. 

When dealing with viral fever, your body tends to lose a lot of fluid. Hence, it is best to hydrate yourself as much as possible and have foods with high water content. Vegetable and meat broths bring your body’s strength back and provide energy. 

3. Warm Water Soak 

A warm water soak is a great way to relieve body pain and muscle soreness. When the fever breaks, you are often left with lingering body pain. If you want to get your energy back faster, you can use the warm water-soak hack. 

Fill your bathtub with warm water and add a handful of Epsom salt. The Epsom salt works magically to soothe body pain and reduce fever. It helps in relieving exhaustion and lowers stress, reviving your energy back. Soak yourself in warm water for 20-30 minutes to feel your best. 

4. Turn the Humidifier On 

A humidifier is one of the easiest and quickest hacks to eliminate throat pain, dry cough, and fever. The lack of moisture in the air can make you prone to bacterial infection and causes bacterial infection to stay longer. 

One of the best parts about a humidifier is that it helps alleviate moisture levels in the air. In winter, the air is super dry, which can cause cough and throat pain. A humidifier purifies the air, adds moisture, and removes bacteria, promoting faster healing. 

5. Cold Compress 

When the fever is not breaking, the best thing you can do is to lower your body temperature. You can use a cold compress to lower your body temperature, causing the fever to break. Dampen a muslin cloth in ice-cold water and keep it on your forehead. 

Repeat the process a few times until you feel your body temperature lowers. You can also suck on ice or splash cold water on your face to break the fever. However, you must consult your doctor before trying this hack. 

You can also soak your feet in cold water to break the fever faster or take a cold shower. However, you must dry your hair so as not to let the coldness settle in. If the fever is not breaking despite trying everything, you must seek a doctor’s help. 

Final Verdict 

Fever and body aches are common, especially when the weather changes. You must take care of your health and try to build your immunity. You can break the intensity of the fever faster using some remedies. However, you must consult a doctor if the fever disappears after a few days. 

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