Georgia Teacher Grabs Kid By Face {Feb 2022} Get To Know

The article discloses the facts about the Georgia Teacher Grabs Kid By Face incident and tries to open up all the essential factors regarding the incident.  

Do you know Judy Smith? She is a teacher of “Northwest Laurens Elementary School”.

As per the video evidence, she has been convicted of abusing a minor student of the school. But still, the school authority doesn’t take any drastic action against the teacher. 

The news is trending again in the United States, because people voice up for justice. Many demanded that Judy should be removed from her post immediately. People also share their opinion on various social media platforms. 

But still, the incident of Georgia Teacher Grabs Kid By Face is legally found unsolved. 

What was the Incident? 

As per our research and the video evidence, it was seen that Judy grabbed a student’s face and jerked it vigorously.

After a moment, Judy closed that student, grabbed the student’s face again, and jerked with the left hand.

The camera also caught that many other students were present during the incident. But nobody stopped Judy. Even the other teachers didn’t confront Judy during the incident.

Judy continuously grabbed the student’s face until the child cried. After seeing the child was crying, the convicted teacher left the child.

The Aftermath of Georgia Teacher Abuse

The incident took place in 2018. After one year, an unknown person has uploaded the video of this incident. 

After watching the video incident, many parents and student wing demanded justice by sacking Judy from her post. 

Unfortunately, the school authority didn’t take any legal action against Judy. She is still working as a grade one teacher in “Laurens Elementary School” in Georgia. 

Even the school authority issued a statement regarding the incident. In a published opinion, the spokesperson stated that the school’s administration didn’t disclose the matter. The source makes clear there is nothing to discuss the incident. 

Georgia Teacher Grabs Kid By Face– People’s Demand

After the statement is issued by the school authority, people state their views and opinions. 

First, the people want a petition to be launched against the convicted teacher. Even as per the media reports, the student’s parents officially didn’t throw any complaint against the teacher. 

As per the media reports, County Sheriff Larry Dean denied getting any official complaint about the incident. 

But on social media, citizens have started the “Sign, the Petition” campaign against the teacher. Many have already raised their voice and signed the petition. 

The demand is cleared. They want Judy to be fired from the job for – Georgia Teacher Abuse case. 

Trending Facts

The news is trending because many people want justice for the incident. Many parents are still confused about what the school authority and legal department are doing. 

The incident took place long four years back, but still, the accused teacher worked in the school as a first-grade teacher. She doesn’t face any consequences. 


The video of the media reports clearly showed what Judy had done with the teacher. Everybody knows about the teacher’s irresponsible manner. 

But still, no action is taken against the teacher. People demand justice for the Georgia Teacher Grabs Kid By Face incident. 

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Do you sign the petition against the convicted teacher? Share your view.

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