Geoguessr Wordle {March 2022} Game Zone Information!

Please read this account to know about Geoguessr Wordle, a geographical challenge-based game that the founder created by combining two renowned online games.

Do you love finding out about new places on the globe? Do you love playing games related to geography? Are you confident of your knowledge about maps and borders? Then, you must read this article to know about a combination of two similar gaming platforms.

In today’s report, we have covered facts about an online game dealing with Geography. People from many nations Worldwide want to find out about the gameplay. Therefore, please continue reading to gain complete information about Geoguessr Wordle.

What is Geoguessr?

Geoguessr is an online gaming platform where players have to guess a given location based on clues. The location corresponds to a street anywhere in the world. Anton Wallén, an IT professional from Sweden, designed this game. He loved travelling to new and distant places and created this game out of this passion in May 2013. 

What is Wordle?

Wordle is an online game that tests the players’ vocabulary and guessing abilities. It has become a viral engagement since its beginning in October 2021. Many developers have created its spinoff versions, such as the Geoguessr Wordle Game, Nerdle, Heardle, Squirdle, Absurdle, etc. Today, numerous gamers play Wordle and its other versions Worldwide due to their gripping and brainstorming features. 

Josh Wardle, a software engineer from Wales, founded Wordle out of his enthusiasm for word-related puzzles. In this game, users need to guess a five-letter word correctly in six guesses. After each guess, the system shows colour-coding on the tiles. The coding enables users to guess more precisely in the next attempt. The computer selects a new word randomly each day. 

What is the Combination of Geoguessr Wordle?

A game-enthusiast with Reddit username komcdo, founded a blend of Geoguessr and Wordle on 21 March 2022 called Worldle. He mentioned in his Reddit post that he took inspiration from both these games. The gamer has to guess a randomly selected location correctly in six guesses. The computer provides encircled map areas as hints. 

When the user opens the game’s official portal, a street view is available that they can rotate and view. The image contains the people, structures, or geographical features of that location. These act as clues for the person to guess the location correctly.

Is There Another Game of Geoguessr Wordle Game called Worldle?

Yes. Apart from the Geoguessr Wordle, another geography-based and Wordle-inspired game is also available. The name of that game is also Worldle. The developer of that game has the username teuteuf. However, the other game does not involve street views. The map outlines show that players have to guess the country name in six tries.


The combination of Geoguessr and Wordle has interested many geography-enthusiasts. Both parent games are already famous, and the combination is also gaining rapid fame. You can check komcdo’s game discussion page on Reddit to be aware of the latest updates. 

Did you play the blend of Geoguessr Wordle? What was your guessing ability? Please share below.

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