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The article explains the lady with the dog who went to the beach for a walk. And what happened to that lady is obtained by reading Full Alligator Attack Video

Did you watch the video of the Alligator attack? Whom it attacked, and what happened to that person? When the incident occurred, and did any other people get hurt? People from Worldwide are in shock after seeing the terrible video. Huge people are eager to know about the incident. Look in the Full Alligator Attack Video to know what happened.

What happened to the lady?

The lady went for a walk along with her dog to the beach. The alligator tried to attack the dog, but it escaped. The alligator struck the lady who wanted to save the dog. The video was recorded on CCTV and went viral on social media. By watching the video, people can watch how the victim put her potential to escape from the incident. 

Alligator Attack Video Reddit

She tried to escape by running but unfortunately fell, and the alligator attacked the lady. The alligator was 11 feet long, and it was not in the lake for now. The authority caught it, and the name of the raptor is Hennery. The wildlife officers trapped the alligator, and it had taken with them. The video went viral on Reddit, and people were shocked after watching it.

What was in the video?

The video went Viral On Reddit and spread on various social media. The video states that the lady was on the other side with the dog. The raptor tried to attack the dog very slowly and carefully. But the dog went aside fast. Then the alligator attacked the old lady even though she tried to escape, and she could not since the alligator caught her underwater.

The sound in the video states that the old lady was screaming to save her from the alligator and shouting for help. The footage on Youtube shows clearly.

What was in the video

The people had filled with fear after watching the incident. They also mentioned that the beach was hazardous and people should be cautious while visiting the beach.

Additional details of the incident

The lady was 85 years old. She lost her life on 20th February 2023. The name of the lake where the attack occurred was Spanish Lak Fairways, and it is in Florida. The name of the lady is Gloria. The video in Telegram shows clearly. The lady stays nearby the lake. One person dialled 911 and seek for help, her name was Carole Thomas.

As per the wildlife committee, the safety of the people is a high priority. The alligator attacks have been relatively small in the past few years, even though they started the alligator program to alert and obtain reports about the incident. On Twitter, people commented on the video. Visit Gonewsportal.com


As per online sources, the lady went for a walk with her dog to the beach. The raptor tried to attack the dog, but the dog jumped. The raptor attacked the lady who wanted to save the dog and lost her life. People should be careful while going to such places. Learn more details online.

(Watch Full) Video Of Alligator Attack Viral On Twitter VIDEO OF ALLIGATOR ATTACK
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Full Alligator Attack Video – FAQ

Q1. What is the age of the lady?

The lady’s age was 85 years.

Q2. What is the name of the lady?

Her name is Gloria Serge.

Q3. What happened to Gloria?

An alligator attacked the lady, and she lost her life due to the attack alligator.

Q4. What is the name of the alligator?

The alligator, named Hennery, was taken into custody.

Q5. Is the video available on Instagram?

No, the alligator attack video is not available on Instagram

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