Ebraheem Al Samadi Is Gay, Who Is Ebraheem Al Samadi of Dubai Bling

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The Netflix reality show Dubai Bling gained immense popularity immediately after its first season containing eight episodes, was telecasted on the 27th and 28th of October 2022 live in more than 190 countries. Did you know that the show focused on the lifestyle, birthday bashes, parties, luxurious stays at resorts, travelling in luxurious cars, wearing fashionable outfits, fairy tale lifestyles, fights, and fakes? 

Ebraheem was also one of its cast. Let’s check Ebraheem Al Samadi Is Gay?

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Is Ebraheem Al Samadi a gay?

No, Ebraheem is not gay. However, the rumours about Ebraheem being gay had spread for two reasons.

Firstly, Ebraheem achieved immense success at an early age. Hence, people do not believe that he is still single. Ebraheem, on his social media pages, spoke about his proposal to a girl in February 2022, which didn’t work out. He also spoke about a blind date when he had sent a gift of forever roses and a private jet to pick up his blind date. However, it didn’t work out too.

Let’s learn further Who Is Ebraheem Al Samadi of Dubai Bling? Secondly, several social media posts circulated that teased Ebraheem as gay. One of the Twitter posts by Henjoyment babe @Ghanaian_Queen commented that Ebraheem should let his mom know it is not a wife he is looking for. 

Another Twitter post by Dr Alexandru Bar @AlexandruBar, an Art & Cultural Historian from the History of Art Department, University of York, commented about his appearance in Dubai Bling as a drama. Alexandru Bar commented that Ebraheem is messy and gay stereotype. He said that Ebraheem is taking messy gays to the next level by appearing in the show, which signals Ebraheem Al Samadi Is Gay, and the show is getting telecasted worldwide.

The relationship of @Ghanaian_Queen and @AlexandruBar with Ebraheem is unknown. They are viewers commenting about Ebraheem after understanding that he is still single as a billionaire and Ebraheem is featuring himself on the show to attract someone’s attention. As he does not have a girl in his life, people mistook his appearance on the show as a way to gain the attention of gays. The Dubai Bling episodes are not a mean to attract other singles.

It is wrong to jump to such a conclusion and post social media comments stating Ebraheem Al Samadi Is Gay. Ebraheem invited his mother to be a part of the Dubail Bling show with him. His mother agreed and said she could do anything for her son. But blunt comments on social media teased Ebraheem to tell his mother that it’s not a wife he is looking for.

Such social media posts are shameful, as Ebraheem never mentioned that he is gay. However, Ebraheem did not post his reaction to the Twitter posts. If Ebraheem is single and if he has failed dating or proposing a girl does not mean that Ebraheem Al Samadi Is Gay.

Why people are interested in Ebraheem Al Samadi?

It is a fact that the story of Ebraheem is an inspiration. Ebraheem was 14 years old when he started his business. He used to sell mom’s clothes online on eBay and made good money. 

At the age of 17, he founded a rollerskating shoe company and still leads it. By the age of 20, Ebraheem became a millionaire. Later, he moved to Bling city in Dubai and founded the company, Forever Roses – the world’s longest-lasting rose. Let’s check more facts to know if Ebraheem Al Samadi Is Gay?

He had a creative idea of manufacturing synthetic roses that would never lose their blossom. The products of Forever Roses are popular as gifts. The roses are beautifully covered in a golden glass jar, golden wall frames, golden cage, and golden design of a stand. They look beautiful with vibrant red colour, leaves and fallen petals. They come in different variants and counts.

This idea gained popularity. Ebraheem started Forever Roses venture with $1 million and took it to $21 within a year. Having over 20 years of business experience and being single does not mean that Ebraheem Al Samadi Is Gay. He started an individual business when he was 14 years old. Ebraheem is 34 years old and appreciated as the CEO of Forever Roses. 

What’s more, he is single! 


Ebraheem is not gay. It is, in fact, a positive side of Ebraheem that he is focused on business and achieving success, which is misunderstood and rumoured as a gay stereotype. The Dubai Bling show focused on the luxurious lifestyle of Ebraheem, featuring his $500K watch collection and a million Dhirams Mercedes G63 2022 AFG. The episode is not an advertisement to attract other singles.

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Ebraheem Al Samadi Is Gay – FAQ

Q.1 Who is Ebraheem Al Samadi?

Ebraheem Al Samadi is an entrepreneur and successful businessman who made his fortune from scratch and became a billionaire at an early age.

Q.2 What is the age of Ebraheem?

Ebraheem Al Samadi is 34 years old.

Q.3 When did Ebraheem start the business?

Ebraheem started selling mom’s clothes online on eBay from his home when he was 14 years old.

Q.4 Is Ebraheem married?

No, Ebraheem is single.

Q.5 Does Ebraheem has a girlfriend?

No, Ebraheem does not has a girlfriend though he made a few attempts to initiate a relationship.

Q.6 Is it true that Ebraheem Al Samadi Is Gay?

No, Ebraheem is not gay. It is because of social media posts by netizens who cannot believe that a wealthy person like Ebraheem can be single and focused on business. Netizens mistook his single status as a sign of a gay stereotype.

Q.7 Why netizens dragged the name of his mother in social media posts?

Ebraheem invited his mother to be a part of the Dubai Bling show with good intentions. But, netizens teased Ebraheem stating that he should let his mother know that he is not looking for a wife.

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