Here’s All You Should Know About Different Types Of Kratom Strains

There are multiple kratom strains available in the market. These strains are believed to hold potential properties that can help a person get benefits like pain relief, lower stress levels, etc. However, the strains are very different and have different potential properties.

Therefore, users must explore different kratom strains before deciding which is the best one for them. So, read ahead and boost your understanding of different types of kratom available in the emerging kratom market.

Understanding Kratom

Kratom is a unique compound extracted from the vein of the kratom leaf. The leaf veins contain unique alkaloids that give the compound unique medicinal and therapeutic properties.

The compound is sourced from southeast Asia, where the kratom trees have been growing for hundreds of years.

The natives chewed raw kratom leaves of different kratom strains to enjoy their benefits. Since then, the compound has been sourced from the region and sold globally to allow users living in other countries to enjoy the potential benefits of the compound.

Kratom And Its Strains

There are multiple kratom strains available in the market. All of these are sourced from kratom leaves that are grown abundantly across regions of southeast Asia.

Some of the most popular and strongest kratom strains are divided into:

Green vein kratom

Red Vein Kratom

Yellow Vein Kratom

White Vein Kratom

They are further divided into sub-strains like red Bali kratom, red Borneo kratom, red Sumatra, green Malay kratom, maeng da kratom etc.

All You Should Know About Different Types Of Kratom Strains Of Kratom

The kratom world is evolving daily, with new strains being developed due to chemical processes within the plant or by developing hybrids with grafting and other methods.

Therefore, every kratom enthusiast must understand some essential factors associated with different kratom strains. Some basic things that a user must know about kratom strains include:

Environmental Factors Have A Role To Play

Anyone who wants to know more about kratom use must understand that multiple kratom strains have unique alkaloid content.

The reason behind these unique alkaloid profiles is various environmental factors. Experts studying kratom have suggested that factors like humidity, soil quality, moisture content, temperature, rain, climatic conditions, etc., have a vital role to play in giving each strain unique properties.

Kratom Strains Come In Different Colors

All kratom users and enthusiasts must understand that the strain’s color is the primary distinction between the different strains. Kratom strains are primarily available in green vein kratom, red vein kratom, yellow vein kratom, and white vein kratom.

Due to environmental factors, soil quality, moisture, and exposure to the sun, the leaves and their veins tend to change color. This allows experts to distinguish between different strains. These factors also determine the alkaloid content of a strain.

All reliable kratom vendors will offer these strains to the users. It is significant to highlight that some experts consider the yellow strain to be a blend of other strains and that red, green, and white veins are the naturally occurring veins’ original colors.

Chemical Processes Vary

Kratom is a compound extracted from kratom plants when the leaves are cut and sundried. However, some unique kratom strains are sourced from trees that experience the fermentation process.

As a result, the leaves have a unique alkaloid profile, which is different from varieties of kratom that do not experience such processes.

The bentuangie kratom strain is an example of the leaves experiencing a chemical reaction and developing a unique alkaloid profile which also gives it potential medicinal and therapeutic properties.

Shape Of The Leaves Play An Important Role

While most kratom enthusiasts will suggest that environmental factors, soil quality, moisture, chemical processes, and exposure to the sun determine the alkaloid content and profile of the strains; and that is how they are named and differentiated; the kratom plant is a unique species.

The kratom trees growing in southeast Asia near river areas have bigger leaves than other strains.

Those particular strains get their name from its unique leaf shape and potential properties. The elephant kratom is an example of the same.

The Different Kratom Strains Are Sourced From Different Regions

It is known that kratom of different varieties belonging to different strains is sourced from southeast Asia. However, the region where each strain is sourced plays a vital role in giving each strain unique properties.

Kratom is sourced from Bali, Borneo, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sumatra, etc. Thus, the strains of different colors sourced from these regions get names like red Bali kratom, red Borneo kratom, red Sumatra, green Malay kratom, etc.

Different Strains Have Different Medicinal And Therapeutic Properties

Since kratom strains have unique alkaloid profiles, they have unique potential medicinal and therapeutic properties. These effects range from stimulating to sedating. The relaxing strain may help deal with stress, anxiety, etc. Thus different strains based on their alkaloid content and dosage will offer different benefits.

The best kratom strains, from mild to strongest, will offer results based on the correct dosage. Experts and seasoned users suggest that taking a mild to moderate dose will offer a stimulating effect, and a strong dose will cause sedating effects. Similarly, a mild strain will offer mild effects, while a potent strain will offer strong effects.

Availability Of Kratom Strains May Differ

All strains of kratom like red kratom, yellow kratom, white kratom, maeng da kratom etc., are readily available with high-quality vendors. You can also purchase them online or through local stores. The availability of all strains, however, is not the same. Some strains of kratom are rarer than the other strains.

The white strain of kratom is sourced from young leaves, making it rare. Similarly, strains resulting from chemical reactions are also scarce. Thus, these strains are difficult to find at every other store. Therefore, another factor that a person must understand and appreciate about kratom is that the availability of all the strains is different.

Thus, a white vein kratom strain or the red bentuangie kratom might not be as readily available as indo kratom or green Bali kratom.

A Kratom Strain May Be Hybrid Or Blended

It is vital to understand that some varieties of kratom are not naturally occurring and result from grafting and other methods. These hybrid strains of kratom offer a unique blend of two or more strains.

These strains are potent and offer a diverse range of effects as they combine the alkaloid profile of multiple kratom strains.

The Dosage May Differ

Even though different kratom strains originate from the same species, based on unique alkaloid content and potential medicinal and therapeutic properties, their dosage may range from high to small doses.

Therefore, no two strains of kratom may have the same dosage.

They Are Available In Different Product Forms

All strains of kratom, right from white kratom to yellow kratom strain, come in a wide range of products that the user can choose based on personal preference. Thus, users can buy different strains of kratom infused in different products.

However, some strains may not be available in a specific product form due to availability or any other reason.

How To Fix The Right Dosage?

There are some vital factors that every user must consider when fixing the right dosage of any kratom strain. Before fixing the kratom dose, a person must consider factors like age, metabolism, diet, underlying health condition, kratom tolerance, etc.

These factors apply to all kratom products like best kratom capsules, tea, powder, etc.

This becomes even more important when using kratom to get pain relief or any other medicinal or therapeutic benefit.

So, if you are using the red vein kratom strains or other strains, consider the above factors and fix their dosage.

Legal Regulations

Another factor a person must consider before buying, storing, or consuming kratom of any strain is the legal rules and regulations of the region.

It is vital to mention that kratom is not banned from usage under any federal law or regulation. However, some states have domestic laws prohibiting residents from buying, storing, and using kratom.

Therefore, every kratom user must check local and federal legislation before buying kratom.

Is There A Possibility Of Reaction Or Side Effect?

It is vital to mention that when consumed significantly, any well-known kratom strain can cause an adverse or mild side effect. Experts suggest that a significantly high dose of kratom can cause mild side effects like nausea, dry eyes, headache, body ache, etc.

Therefore, it is important that any strain of kratom, be it red Borneo kratom, green Malay kratom, white Thai kratom strains, etc., must be used in moderation.

Is Expert Consultation Necessary?

Kratom is a compound that can be consumed without expert consultation if a person intends to consume low or mild doses. However, if there is a particular medical concern that a person wishes to address with the green kratom strain or any other strain, they must talk to an expert to select the appropriate strain and fix the right dose of kratom.

What To Do When A Person Experiences Side Effects?

As per multiple pieces of evidence, kratom usage is not associated with any withdrawal symptoms or severe or fatal side effects. The side effects, if any, often result due to significant overdose. Therefore, when such incidents happen, people must stop using kratom and only use it when the side effects subside.

Final Thoughts

Kratom is a versatile compound that comes in multiple strains. From raw white kratom to aged red vein kratom, the compound has wide varieties capable of offering medicinal and therapeutic effects to the user.

So, after understanding the properties of each strain and the unique benefits they offer, a user can invest in those strains and then consume them in a moderate and regulated manner.

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