Deep Hollow Ranch Remi Bader {June} Find What Happened!

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Hello, readers; In this article, we are going to discuss an influencer who was denied to ride a horse. Dear readers, do you know about the Deep Hollow Ranch Remi Bader controversy? 

The deep hollow ranch is a place for riding horses in the United States. The people from the United Kingdom and Canada have reacted to the post that was posted by Remi against Depp Hollow Ranch. The farm denied Remi horse riding because of her weight without informing her about this rule before. 

Who is Remi Bader?

She is from New York and works as a Tiktok content Creator. She has more than 2 million followers on this application. She is also the founder of REMIJO LLC. 

Brief about the Deep Hollow Ranch Montauk Controversy 

On June 11, 2022, Remi Bader, a content creator and a clothing model, shared a post that talks about the negative incident that took place during the trip at Deep Hollow Ranch, Montauk, organized by Hampton waterline.   

The clothing model said that she couldn’t ride a horse there because of her overweight. She further added that she was hurt because the behavior wasn’t good. We do understand the rules, but the treatment annoyed us. After all of this, the Hampton waterline decided to boycott the Ranch. However, the Ranch apologized for this later on. 

Deep Hollow Ranch Reviews

The google rating for this farm is more than 4 stars, which makes it a reliable place. The reviews from all the authentic sources are good. But there are no customer reviews on the ranch’s official website. 

This farm has two websites; one mentions everything about horse riding, and the other one includes all rules and sections. There is also a section that allows plus-sized people to select the horse riding options as per their convenience. 

The ranch stated that they are not in favor of the statements made at the time of conversation with Ms. Remi. The farm is disappointed that their employee’s behavior with Remi wasn’t appropriate. Please note that these details are found on online sources, we cannot confirm its authenticity.

The Deep Hollow Ranch Remi Bader issue hurt the Remi Bider, and has left a scar on the image of Deep Hollow Ranch, Montauk, located in New York. 


Q.1 How can we go for a ride in Deep Hollow Ranch? 

A.1 You can check the website and the prices and other details are there. 

Q.2: Can we choose a particular Breed for the ride?

A.2: Yes, you can do that. 

Conclusion –

The information about the misbehavior with Remi is shocking for everyone. However, an apology has been made by the Ranch. For more information on this topic, kindly, visit the following link. 

Do you like horse riding? Please, share your live experience with us on Deep Hollow Ranch Remi Bader

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