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Common Investments Review: Traders need a platform where they can invest their money with ease. Additionally, they need a brokerage with expert tools to help them perform their strategies to succeed. Common Investments keeps things simple to ensure that more retail traders can use the app and benefit from its services. Furthermore, traders will get access to a smooth interface that holds all the tools they need to succeed.

The key to building a portfolio is having a broker that can ensure a safe trading environment for users. Additionally, newbie retail traders need a platform that will allow them to learn the ropes while they build their portfolios. Want to learn more about Common Investments? Here is our Common Investments review with all the pros and cons of the brokerage.

Advantages of Common Investments

  • Asset Breakdowns and Market Updates

Access to the latest news and market updates can make or break a trader. Many traders download and open accounts with news apps to stay on top of the situation of the market. This is why it is important for Common Investments to provide all the information they need within the brokerage. Traders with accounts on the platform will receive live news and updates alerts as they occur. This will help users stay one step ahead of the markets and make better trades to help the assets in their portfolios grow.

  • Free Trading Accounts for Practicing

Trading, like any other skill, should be frequently practiced. With more practice, traders can better sharpen their skills and get better outcomes when they trade assets. Common Investments has provided simulated market environments for users to flex their trading prowess and understand how well their strategies will work in the real market. Additionally, the free trading account is available to all traders who can access it at the touch of a button. This trading account will give traders an edge as they can now practice without the fear of losing money.

  • Fractional Asset Trading and Purchases

Purchasing fractional assets is a feature most modern brokerages should have because not everyone wants to buy an entire asset. Some traders may not be liquid enough to afford the entire unit of an asset, while others may want to test the strength of an asset before going all in. Whatever the use case, fractional assets are in the best interest of traders on the Common Investments platform. Therefore, whether you have $2 or $200, you can get access to assets available on the brokerage. Finally, traders will have an easier time creating a diversified portfolio with small amounts of capital.

  • Zero Fees on Trades

Trading fees can put a dent in the capital of retail traders. When traders have to pay for every trade they make on a brokerage. Then they may be limited in the number of trades they can make, especially if they have a limited budget. Therefore, Common Investments has eliminated the trading fee and operates a free trading model where users do not have to pay for trades. This feature reduces the burden on traders and ensures that they can make more trade volumes and maximize their capital returns. It is a good feature that puts traders first.

Disadvantages of Common Investments

  • Slow Account Opening Process

It takes some time to open an account with the brokerage due to the checks you must go through when signing up. The Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) processes the platform has to go through make it a bit slower to open an account. On the brighter side, users can be sure that they are well secured once the account opening process is complete, as the brokerage properly vets every new user. Do not worry about the slow account opening because it is totally worth it once you get in.


The Common Investments platform is designed to give users an easier way to invest and grow their portfolios. Furthermore, the platform ensures that users get access to the best tools and resources to give them a boost when trading. If you want to learn more about the Common Investments brokerage, please go to their site.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored marketing content.

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