How to Support Your Child With Their Education – Read

We currently live in a world full of high expectations. Now, what a child brings to the classroom is just as important as what they are taught in it. This includes their mindset and attitude towards learning. Education is the basic foundation needed to achieve success later on in life. Without this, your child will lack the edge to achieve their goals. The good news is, there are many things that can be done to help boost your child’s potential and change their approach to learning. Parental guidance and support are extremely important at this stage.

It doesn’t mean that you have to sit and complete rows of sums together, but to ensure that the learning attitude your child arrives to school with can support their academic performance. Just because your child isn’t showing interest in learning right now, doesn’t mean it can’t be nurtured. Here are some tips from this private girl’s school in Hertfordshire on how to support your child with their education. 

Teach your child not to fear failure

Any skill that is worth learning requires a period of perseverance in order to become competent. In simpler words, to get good at something, you have to keep trying even if you’re not great at it to begin with. Trying something for the first time and being bad at it does not mean that you lack the skills.

It means that you need to work your way up to perfecting this new expertise. Sadly, this is the mindset of many little ones, which is why they avoid trying new things or giving up without hesitation. As a parent, you need to encourage your child to increase their failure rate. Teaching them to have resilience and not to fear failure is what will get them to the point where they become skilful.

You can do this by talking them through some of your own failures and how you overcame them. As adults, it is common knowledge that success requires a lot of hard work and perseverance. However, this is not necessarily obvious to children. If you take time to explain your own experiences of trying something new, failing and then trying again, it may help them connect hard work with achievement.

Make learning fun

Every child goes through a phase where they look at learning and see it as a chore. This can actually make the entire process of education a hundred times harder than it should be. For example, many people feel as though they have mental blocks when it comes to maths. However, this is due to mindset and telling yourself that you can’t do it. Research has shown that mindset plays a very big part in how successful people are in both education and work.

An optimistic approach to learning can actually make an individual smarter, more creative and more willing to take part in difficult tasks. If you can encourage your child to look at learning as something that opens up opportunities, the rest will easily fall into place. The idea is to ensure your child has a positive approach to everything around them.

Allow your child to follow their passion

In a world full of high expectations, many parents expect their children to be good at everything. However, this can actually do more damage than good. Instead, it is better to be great at a few things. If you notice that your child shows specific interests and takes joy in certain topics in school, they will find it much easier to excel in them.

If English is their favourite topic, don’t feel afraid to go over the top with support. This will also give them an insight on ways to transfer this joy onto less loved subjects, making learning and education as a whole, much more easier. 

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