Boyfriend Heche Anne {Aug} Get The Romantic Updates!

Anne Heche was private about her love life in the last few years. If you are interested to know more, please read Boyfriend Heche Anne post.

Are you a fan of Anne Heche, among the top Hollywood actresses and directors? If yes, we have some details about her romantic life. She has dated a few gentlemen but was secretive about her current boyfriend.

Anne hails from the United States and has worked in the Hollywood industry for many years. If you are among those fans who want to know the details of Boyfriend Heche Anneyou can peruse our article. We have the most accurate details about her life.

The Said Reports

A person who knows a lot about skincare tells the news reporters that Anne is dating Peter Thomas Roth. The person says, “Anne and Peter met in the Hamptons through mutual friends and have been seeing each other for about two months.”

Heche, who is 52, and the businessman, who is 64, first saw each other at a launch party for the Galerie House. There was also a rumour that Anne Heche Married to Harrison Ford. However, the dancing with the stars winner and Roth went to a star-studded event in New York in early August. Still, they didn’t say anything about their relationship. When the couple was seen together for over a month, it made people think they were dating.

The Past Life

Roth was previously married to Noreen. He has two kids and businesses with her: Clinical Skin Care and Fine Jewellery. Roth asked for a divorce in 2016 after being married to his wife for more than 20 years. 

Boyfriend Heche Anne 

Heche got married to Coleman Laffoon, a photographer, in 2002. Her son Homer is 19 years old. She got a divorce from her ex-husband in 2009. The same year, Heche and her co-star James Tupper had a son. They named him Atlas. Even though they never got married, the parents split up in 2018.

Harrison Ford married Anne Heche?

No, when she co-starred with Harrison in a lousy movie (1998), she was a lesbian with Ellen DeGeneres for 3 years. In 2002, she had a kid with a cameraman, Coley Laffoon; after Anne Heche Married to Harrison Ford rumours started spreading. She had Atlas with her then-boyfriend James Tupper. She dated 24-year-old comedian Steve Martin. Thomas Jane is the person she dated for the longest since May 2019.

Heche had major mental troubles, possibly because her mother tried to convert gays and her biological father died of AIDS. “Call Me Crazy” was her 6-week biography in September 2001. 


Heche was arrested near California after telling residents she was seeking a spaceship. The actress spent some time in a psychiatric hospital and was released after being observed for two hours. Barbara Walters called her 1978 Boyfriend Heche Anne interview “the craziest”.

It was all for Anne Heche’s romantic and personal life. What do you think about her? Please use the comment box to answer.

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