Things to Do at Beachfront in Thailand

You have fantasized about living in the beachfront properties of Thailand for a very long time. Now you are living the dream and suddenly need ideas about making it memorable.

This is the Ex-pat’s guide to premium fun experiences in Thailand beachfront real estate; you can expect to find information on activities to engage in, fun places to go to, and the various ways to make your stay a memorable one in Thailand.

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Nine Fun things to do if you live on a beachfront property in Thailand

Here are 9 fun activities you could engage in at your beachfront house, alone or with family and friends.


Start your day by soaking up the sun and taking a good dose of vitamin D. When you expose your skin to the early morning sun; it interacts with your body’s cholesterol to make vitamins, crucial body ingredients which help stronger bones, smoother skin, healthier teeth, and better overall health. Get into a bikini, or some shorts, a sun shade, and lounge at the seaside sunbathing.

Schedule barbecue for the evenings

This tip is easier to implement if you are expecting company. Eating a barbecue or a steak alone could be a fun spoiler if you are an outgoing person, so try and get a company. Either way, get your meat or fish, as the case may be, at a barbecue corner and cook up some meat. Make sure to have a glass of wine on standby or juice for the kiddies. 

Bucket Water Relay

The bucket water relay is best played by a team, and involves a race to discover who fills up their bucket first using a small cup, spoon, or cup to scoop water from the ocean into their bucket. This game could be exhilarating for children and youngsters. You could add variations to the game to make it more exciting for the team, such as carrying the bucket to a particular finish line without spilling any of its contents, etc.

A beachside party

Furthermore, the socialite will find this invigorating. There is nothing like a beachside party with friends and even well-wishers; the merrier, the better. This suggestion is for the adult crew. You will need a lot of alcohol, edibles, and snacks for the team. You could add some do and dare to spice up the event. Here’s a tip – beach parties are superb for evenings and nights!


You can play Volleyball on the shores of your beachfront property. The game is an all-time banger and is guaranteed to give you and your team a lovely time. You can invite friends over and have some soda, a volleyball, and a mat for those who want to watch. Luckily, a volleyball court is relatively easy to set up.

Seashell Hunt

Here is another activity that all of the family can engage in. Place a timeline and see how many seashells your team can find individually. Put a prize to motivate frantic searches and award the person with the highest number of seashells.

Take a swim in the ocean

One of the intriguing factors of ocean swimming is that it need not be the entire body. You can enjoy some water time without necessarily swimming; that option is great for people who haven’t learned how to swim. You can engage in this activity as a single or with others.

Beach Balling

If you love football and do not mind getting drenched, you can enjoy some quality beach ball moments with your significant other. Make sure there is a swimmer around should the waves cart the ball away.

Build sand castles

Lastly, sand castles could be precious investments – ask the youngsters, and they’ll explain why. It is a fun family game to build castles around the legs, arms, or even over someone’s body. So long as there is no panicking, you can be wild with your experiments.

After Beach time

Remember to take a clean water bath to wash off all sea salt and sand from your body. 

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