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To be the happiest and extraordinary country, Australia has different seasons and government representation for protecting the citizens for every aspect of their living. Having the new restrictions for the virus and CCP, Australia is trying to protect the citizens with new levels of unthinkable measures.

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The Battleground Melbourne represents the story of a journalist who protects the city to save the citizens from this honest media and Government. With the situation of arrest and imprisonment that has certain truth that the Government regards. It is a story of a man and woman trying to express their freedom and face fear for changing the course of history as per their love. 

Speaking about the political reactions that went extreme for Melbourne in the covid-19 shockwave, there are certain details of Battlegroundmelbourne com given below.

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Government strategies for protecting the land

There are certain protests and schemes open for donation, and so was towards the public and the country by the Government. For the protection of merchants and consumers, there are online portals opened by the name of:-

  • Merchant rebel store Australia Queensland
  • Online registration for Queensland Rebel

Reactions by politician

The shocking and cautionary reactions expressed by politicians in a country which is known for the world’s most liveable city were as:-

  • Dysfunctional parliament 
  • shame injuries 
  • politically motivated arrests
  • Secretary, Battlegroundmelbourne com 
  • abuse of human rights 
  • heavily armed riot 
  • police roaming in the streets with the order of shoot on sight
  • Communist China representation

Melbourne documentary

In this face of 24 fields, the incident is narrated to be documented with the top freedom fighters and greetings talking about the real-life footage of protest at police repression. The twelve years of the political compression was made into a film that later stands to the whole world as a cautionary tale.

The documentary can also be witnessed online by the link shared in the conclusion below. 

Battlegroundmelbourne com Artifact preservation

Artifacts preserved from Galliford Australia are in the Government’s custody. They are giving up efforts in the documentary Battleground Australia which tells the scenario faced by the citizens since World War 1. 

It features 2000 effects of stiff under the guidance of Australian tech folk. Sending the lovely city into madness has consoled the private players to establish policy rules. 


Including this article, the experts state that Melbourne was at risk of everything so the citizen’s dedicate with the minimum help in the goal and ambition of $65000 in the reproduction of the Battlegroundmelbourne com filming.  

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