Axial vs Centrifugal Extractor Fans: Which One Do You Need in Your Kitchen?

The axial extractor is the most common type of extractor fan used in home kitchens, so it may feel like the default option. However, centrifugal kitchen extractor fans are also found in home kitchens, although they are not as common a sight as the former. Therefore, a closer look at both extractor fans is advised, before finalising your purchase decision.

The Axial Extractor Fan is a More Aesthetic Choice

Axial extractor fans are small, slim, and they come in a wide range of designs. Consequently, axial extractors can be fitted to suit any kitchen décor without too much effort, or even the need for concealment. They are, by default, the most aesthetic option for home kitchens and bathrooms.

The Centrifugal Extractor Fan is a More Powerful Choice

Centrifugal extractors are significantly larger and more powerful than axial fans. While they do lack the aesthetics and variety of axial extractors, centrifugal fans will extract stale air from your kitchen at a faster and better rate than axial extraction fans possibly can.

Axial Extractors are Sufficient for Small to Medium Sized Kitchens with Short Duct Lines

Axial extractors may lack as much power as their centrifugal counterparts, but they can still be more than sufficient for small to medium sized kitchens. There would be no point in having access to the power of a centrifugal extraction fan if the space itself is not large enough to have any use for it.

That being said, there are still some additional stipulations which must be maintained.

  • The difference between the house wall and the kitchen ventilation wall should not be more than 1.5 metres.
  • The ducting should not be too long (preferably 2 metres or less), or too steep bended.

If one or both of the above conditions cannot be met, then a single axial fan will not be sufficient to successfully ventilate any kitchen of any size. Fortunately, there a way to solve this issue.

You will need a kitchen extractor fan system with inline extractors inside the duct line. Inline extractor fans will suck in the air expelled by an axial extractor and expel it out of your home through even long and steep bended duct systems.

Centrifugal Extraction Fans are Ideal for Large Kitchens with Long Duct Lines

If you have a large or medium sized kitchen with a long duct line that leads to the vent, then a single centrifugal extractor fan could be enough to draw in and expel air, without the need for inline fans. However, if the long line has steep bends, then you may still need to get one or more inline extractor fans installed strategically for successful ventilation.

The two huge functional advantages with axial kitchen extraction fans are that they are significantly more energy-efficient and almost silent. Therefore, in a small and even medium sized kitchen, axial extractor fans with inline fans in the duct do make for a better choice. As for large kitchens with long ducts, centrifugal extractors might be the better choice for ventilation.

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