[Uncensored] Apklibre. Com: Know More About Apklibre com Iconos Flotantes

Read exclusive reviews unavailable elsewhere about Apklibre. Com to know its features and learn if it is a genuine website.

Many third-party websites are accessible in MexicoChile, and other countries which offer applications and games for Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, and also for other OS. Over a decade, Android apps and games popularized and dominated the market as its OS was installed on budgeted mobiles. 

But did you ever wonder why apps and games are available on third-party websites when they can be imported from Google Play Store? Let’s analyze Apklibre. com.

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About Apklibre.com:

Apklibre.com is a third-party website hosting information on 23 Android applications and games. Apklibre.com redirects users to armyapk.xyz. Hence, Apklibre.com takes advantage of dual website scores to manipulate its authenticity. 

About Iconos Flotantes:

It must be noted that Rolling Icons – App and photo, known as Iconos Flotantes in Spanish, is available on Google Play Store for free importing. 10M+ users imported Iconos Flotantes, and 81.2K user reviews rated it at 4.1/5 stars.

The app was developed by mandgFunny and is approximately 9 MB in size. The Apklibre com Iconos Flotantes app allows the user to select several icons that will float/fall down according to the position in which the mobile is held based on motion sensors and user gestures. The app also allows to customize icons of different applications.

Iconos Flotantes was featured on Apklibre.com on 3rd/May/2023. Apklibre.com redirected users to Google Play Store to import all the applications featured on Apklibre.com.

The features of Apklibre.com:

Apklibre.com is a young website registered in the Netherlands on 11th/March/2023. It is a 2-months and 21-days old website registered for one year. Apklibre’s registration will expire within 9-months and 12-days on 11th/March/2024. Hence Apklibre. com has a short life expectancy. 

Apklibre.com did not include the terms of use. Its privacy policy and cookies policy was generic and plagiarized. The website excluded customer service email, contact number, and physical address. The information about its owner, technical contact, and administrator was censored using paid privacy services of regtons.com. Hence, there it is impossible to contact Apklibre’s team.

The legitimacy of Apklibre.com:

Apklibre.com gained 58.6%↑ business, 21%↑ suspicion, 4%↓ phishing, 3%↓ spam, 15%↑ threat and Malware scores each, a zero↓ Alexa rank, and a poor 2/100↓ Domain Authority. Though Apklibre. com is featured as a knowledge-based website for Android applications, it is highly risky for the user’s devices and data. Armyapk.xyz gained a below-average 46%↓ trust score.

Apklibre’s registrar has a high percentage of spamming and fraudulent websites. Apklibre’s Tranco traffic rank suggests a poor visitor count. Apklibre.com has an average of zero visitors with a $0 traffic value. However, Apklibre.com is not blacklisted and uses a valid HTTPS protocol. Its IP has a Low-Domain Validated Certificates(DV SSL) for the next 69-days.

Social media links:

Rolling icons – App and photo on Google Play


Apklibre. com takes the users to Armyapk.xyz as its landing page. Apklibre.com seems a scam as it gained considerable suspicion, threat, malware scores, and poor Alexa and DA scores. Click here to know about Malware. Armyapk.xyz is also seems a scam due to a poor trust score. Though Apklibre.com offers links to Google Play Store, it might be able to gain unauthorized access to user information.

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Apklibre. Com – FAQ

1Q. Apklibre uses how many servers?

Servers serial chain numbers 912b084acf0c18a753f6d62e25a75f5a and 4001772137d4e942b8ee76aa3c640ab7 targeting ns1.dns-parking.com(IP and ns2.dns-parking.com(IP located in the USA.

2Q. How much is the speed of Apklibre?

A load time of 2.54 seconds, a 92% A-performance grade, is considered slow.

3Q. Who is registrar and ISP of Apklibre?

Hostinger International Limited, USA.

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