Affiliate Disclosure

Being a reviewing site, we practice affiliate marketing to make sales commission. From this point forward, it is recommended that the users comprehend and examine our privacy policy before perusing the posted articles. We are interpreting the affiliate disclosure on this website page. It is representing the relationship that we possess with different sites or their items/services. 

We carefully comply with the Federal Trade Corporation- FTC to implement affiliate marketing. Besides, we generally affiliate unbiased and reasonable items, sites, services, and so forth to protect the users. We strictly follow the recommended FTC guidelines. In any case, the readers are likewise proposed they stay informed or ready while perusing the articles or tapping on the posted commercials. They should likewise fathom that we publish the advertisements earn a little commission. The costs referenced in the commercials are unaltered on the fundamental e-stores or sites.

RED-REDIAL generally connects with AMAZON LLC Program, enabling us to earn a commission by linking and promoting Amazon items. We will likewise illustrate different projects that the company deploys to affiliate the online commercials. 

Affiliate Links:

We do not generally affiliate URLS on our site that URLs need specialized coding, making them helpful for advertising purposes. When the users tap on the affiliated URLs and buy an item from the other sites, we get a little commission to support and maintain our site. The affiliate programs provide us with different remuneration types for sharing and promoting the links on the website. Accordingly, the users never pay extra to buy the items or back us up. 

The Affiliate Programs:

As referenced before, we are connected with various projects to affiliate URLs and procure a business commission. We are currently uncovering the projects we deploy for affiliate promotion. They are: 

Amazon Affiliate Links: 

We effectively affiliate amazon URLs by advertising or sharing them on our site. The AMAZON LLC Program enables us to promote or sell Amazon items. In this manner, we are accountable for earning a commission when the users either click on the URLs or purchase items. The partnered URLs on our site are coded, enabling them recognizable or accessible by AMAZON LLC. It ought to be noticed that the subsidiary URLs are not installed with PPC- Pay Per Click, making us unfit to make sales commission. 

Sponsored Content:

Our site never shares manipulative or one-sided reviews for the users. We acknowledge sponsored reviews or content. Nonetheless, we generally notice that a company or entity has sponsored the review on our website. The users can find such supported matter and buy the item when they think that its valuable. 

Product Affiliate Links:

It is like Amazon Affiliate URLs. Here, we promote a few URLs that associate the users with the fundamental sites. When they buy any product, we are guaranteed of getting a little commission. Regardless, the costs are not changed for the users on affiliated URLs. 


RED-REDIAL consistently takes care of its users. In this manner, we never post any article about a product or site that is not used or analyzed. Superfluous, counterfeit, or one-sided content is a significant NO for us. We can never bargain the safety of our users by posting biased reviews. Essentially, we propose the users check the articles cautiously before purchasing any item from the affiliated links. 

Our employees do broad research for the affiliated URLs to get the users from fake sites or items reliably. We strive to bring the best for our users’ security and commission. Moreover, we applaud the patience and interest users offer on our site by perusing the articles and buying items through affiliated URLs.