Adopt Me Lunar New Year 2022 Release Date {Feb} Updates!

Adopt Me Lunar New Year 2022 Release Date has shared information about the lunar year in Adopt Me games and discussed expected pets.

Adopt me players Worldwide wait for the Lunar Year update during this time of the year. This event started last year and has brought many new items into the game. Adopt me gets a regular update every week, but a lunar update is an annual event held in February each year.

Last year’s update brought toys, pets, cars, and lunar houses into the game. To know more about this game, keep reading Adopt Me Lunar New Year 2022 Release Date till the end.

Roblox Adopt Me Games:

Adopt Me is one of the popular games on the Roblox platform developed by Uplift games in 2017. This game was started as a role-playing game, and the player used to adopt a child, or the child was being adopted by the player.

After some time the concept of pets was introduced into the game, and this step by the developer allowed the game to reach new heights. 

Adopt me has recorded 27 billion visits till now and has become the top game on Roblox. Developers earn most of their income from the game in purchase of the players.

Adopt Me Lunar New Year 2022 Release Date:

Since February 2021, the lunar update has become one of the most popular game events, and players wait for it. 

Uplift games have turned it into an annual event where new pets and features are introduced into the game.

In its YouTube video message the developer has informed that a new lunar update will come in the first week of February 2022. 

They have also released the timing of updates in different parts of the world. Its release date and timing are listed below for the Adopt me players.

  • Players can watch the Adopt Me video on release date on its Twitter account.
  •  Adopt Me Lunar New Year 2022 Release Date is 3rd February 2022.
  • The timing of the update is given below.

8 AM PT, 11AM ET And 4PM GMT 

Players should look for 4 PM GMT local time for release in their respective countries.

What players should expect from Lunar New Year 2022 Update:

Only four pets are released during last year’s lunar update, so players expect around eight pets in this year’s update. 

The video released shows a tiger, and this is also a tiger lunar year in the Adopt Me game; therefore, it will be one of the pets.

On Adopt Me Lunar New Year 2022 Release Date, gamers can expect new pets like a dragon, golden tiger, and Chinese tiger. Tiger will dominate this year’s pet category as it is a tiger lunar year in the game. 

Some tigers may belong to the premium category, and players will have to pay Roblox Robux to get them. 

Final verdict:

The desert map has been removed from the game, and players who have not used it can expect it in the coming update, as announced by the developer. Players can also try the task board introduced last week for monetary rewards.

Adopt Me Lunar New Year 2022 Release Date will end the wait for players with a new set of pets. Players can share their thoughts on this update in the comment section.

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