Abortionfunds.org Legit (June) Check Detailed Reviews

The guide shares details about a company to help readers know if Abortionfunds.org Legit or a scam.

Do you know there is an organization that removes logistical and financial barriers to abortion in America? Abortionfunds.org, or National Network of Abortion Funds, is an international organization that focuses on removing the financial and other logistical barriers to abortion access.

The organization focuses on providing all necessary support to those close to their abortion. It organizes the intersections of economic, racial, and reproductive justice. The organization has been in service since 2010. 

But, many worldwide people are unsure about the company and want to know if Abortionfunds.org Legit is a scam.  

Is Abortionfunds.org Scam or Scam?

Since the organization is involved in a Nobel cause, it needs funds from supporters and philanthropists. The company has an abortion support funding section called Abortion Funds. But, before donating money to the cause, worldwide donors want to know if they are legit or a scam.    

The website is more than 12 years old, registered on 20th May 2010. The website involved a Noble cause without any scam reports on its name. 

They have a robust system for fund collection and provide all necessary support to abortion access. They also have active social media pages where they promptly reply to queries.   

Abortionfunds.org Review – What Customers Have to Say?

We have evaluated the website carefully and found no reviews or comments on the official website. However, the organization is active on social media, with official pages on Twitter and Facebook. We have evaluated their social media pages and found many comments from donors and supporters. 

Many donors have confirmed in their Tweets that they have made the necessary donations to help people with abortion access. Besides, people have shared the donations they made to the organization. 

But, we have not found a single Abortionfunds.org Review to consider it a scam. But, we urge all readers to carefully review the website and the organization before donating to NNAF.

What is Abortionfunds.org?

Abortionfunds.org is an organization that fights for the abortion rights of people. The network helps build power within members by removing logistical and financial barriers to abortion access. The organization focuses on centering the people having abortions and arranging the intersections of economic, racial, and reductive impartiality.

It works using the funds from philanthropists, and they have a large network of members. But, people want to know if Abortionfunds.org Legit or a scam before donating. We have not found any reviews or comments confirming that the organization is doing any scams. 

However, you must carefully read their Twitter page’s comments to know if it is legit to work with.  


Abortionfunds.org is an organization that focuses on creating a world where reproductive decisions, like abortions, can be taken within peaceful, safe, and affordable communities. However, the organization works on donation, and before donating, people want to know if Abortionfunds.org Legit or a scam company.    

But, we have not found anything suspicious. But you must research carefully before donating on the website. Besides, don’t forget to read the tips on how to stay safe from a scam

Do you have any experiences to share about the company? Please share it in the comment section.

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