A Golden Opportunity to Win Prizes: ACE Money Transfer’s Exclusive Offer for Overseas Filipinos.

A thrilling promotion has been launched by ACE Money Transfer, a well-known international remittance provider, just for its Filipino clients. ACE Money Transfer is providing a fantastic chance for Filipinos abroad to win prizes when they send money to Philippines for their loved ones back home from June 1 through August 31, 2023. Fee-free transfers, a chance to win an iPhone 14 Plus smartphone for senders, and brand-new Honda Click 160 motorcycles for recipients are all included in the promotion. Let’s explore the specifics of this amazing campaign and how it helps Filipinos living abroad.

Easy Money Transfer to the Philippines 

ACE Money Transfer recognises the value of fast and trustworthy money transfers for Filipinos living abroad. People from all around the world may transfer money to the Philippines online in just a few easy steps. Customers enjoy a hassle-free experience thanks to ACE Money Transfer’s user-friendly platform, which enables them to help their loved ones financially and keep in touch with them.

ACE Money Transfer has made it easier to send money to the Philippines in the following ways

  • Online Platform: Users can start money transfers to the Philippines from the convenience of their homes or offices using the user-friendly internet platform offered by ACE Money Transfer. Customers may send money fast and easily using the user-friendly web platform.
  • Smartphone App: ACE Money Transfer has created a smartphone application that enables customers to send money to the Philippines using their cell phones. A simple and safe money transfer experience is provided by the app, which is accessible on both iOS and Android smartphones.
  • Wide Network: In the Philippines, ACE Money Transfer has built up a sizable network of partner banks and cash collection sites. This vast network makes it possible for beneficiaries to simply pick up their payments from various places all around the nation.
  • Competitive Exchange Rates: ACE Money Transfer works hard to provide its clients with competitive exchange rates. As a result, senders are guaranteed to be able to send money to the Philippines at competitive exchange rates, maximising the value of their transactions.
  • Transparent Pricing and Fees: ACE Money Transfer is devoted to being upfront about its pricing and charge structure. Customers can make educated selections due to the platform’s clear information about the costs of money transfers to the Philippines.

Empowering Overseas Filipinos

ACE Money Transfer’s unique offer empowers Filipinos abroad by making it easier for them to help their family financially at home, in addition to giving them the chance to win fantastic prizes. Many Filipino households’ living standards and financial situations are significantly boosted by remittances. Through this initiative, Filipinos living abroad may better support their loved ones while also being recognised for their contributions.

Fee-Free Transfers: For a limited time, ACE Money Transfer is providing fee-free transfers as part of the promotion. Customers can send money online to the Philippines without paying any transaction fees during the campaign. With the help of this special offer, Filipinos living abroad may increase the amount of money they send home, ensuring that more of it reaches the people who need it most.

You can learn more about the specific details on the campaign’s Terms & Conditions page, which is available on ACE Money Transfer’s website.

Prizes for Senders and Recipients That Are Exciting

The opportunity for senders and recipients to win wonderful prizes is one of the campaign’s attractions. Senders of remittances will be placed into a drawing to win one of nine iPhone 14 Plus devices for each remittance sent throughout the campaign duration. These incredibly sought-after gadgets offer a cutting-edge mobile experience and are a gift from ACE Money Transfer to its cherished clients.

iPhone 14 Plus’s exciting features include

  • The gorgeous 120Hz ProMotion display on the iPhone 14 Plus offers exceptionally smooth scrolling, animations, and responsive touch interactions.
  • The iPhone 14 Plus’s cutting-edge A15 Bionic chip powers its outstanding performance, providing quicker app launches, smoother multitasking, and outstanding gaming experiences.
  • The iPhone 14 Plus has a camera system that has been updated. For outstanding photographs and videos, it delivers improved low-light performance, crisper image quality, and cutting-edge computational photography capabilities.
  • 5G support, the iPhone 14 Plus offers blazing-fast download and streaming rates, making it possible to browse, play games, and consume content on the road with no hiccups.

The beneficiaries of remittances, on the other hand, get the chance to choose one of three brand-new Honda Click 160 motorcycles by just sending money online to the Philippines. The remitters will choose the winners by nominating a relative or close friend who will be eligible for the award.

Honda Click 160 Motorcycles’ Exciting Features

  • A high-performance engine powers the Honda Click 160, delivering tremendous power and acceleration for a thrilling riding experience.
  • The Honda Click 160 features a practical smart key technology that makes it possible to start the motorcycle without actually inserting a key. It provides improved usability and security.
  • The Honda Click 160 offers exceptional fuel efficiency because of its cutting-edge engine technology, which will help you save money on fuel when taking lengthy journeys.
  • The motorbike has an anti-lock braking system (ABS), which improves safety by reducing wheel lockup during abrupt braking and enables improved control and stability.
  • The motorbike is equipped with a digital instrument cluster that offers important data in a clear and accessible style, including speed, fuel level, travel distance, and more.


Are transfers during this campaign fee-free?

Yes, as part of this program, ACE Money Transfer offers fee-free transfers. This translates to no transfer costs when sending money to family and friends in the Philippines. It’s a fantastic way to help your relatives back home while also having a chance to win fantastic rewards.

How can one take part in the contest to win prizes from ACE Money Transfer?

You must be a Filipino client of ACE Money Transfer to take part in the campaign and be eligible to win rewards. To participate in the promotion, just send money online using ACE Money Transfer between June 1 and August 31, 2023. Both remittance senders and receivers are welcome to participate in the campaign.

“The unique promotion from ACE Money Transfer for abroad Filipinos offers a fantastic chance to win excellent prizes while moving money to the Philippines. This program offers a distinctive and fulfilling experience with fee-free transfers, the possibility to win iPhone 14 Plus devices for senders, and brand-new Honda Click 160 Motorcycles for receivers. ACE Money Transfer exhibits its dedication to helping the Filipino community by meeting the financial requirements of Filipinos living abroad and appreciating their efforts. Don’t pass up this incredible opportunity to improve the lives of your loved ones and perhaps win wonderful rewards.”

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