7 Places to Visit While You are Still at College

7 Places to Visit While You’re Still at College: Traveling can have many advantages for young people. First of all, it is fun. Discovering new cultures, attending stunning sights, meeting new people – all these attributes of traveling enable young people to create lasting memories and expand their world outlook. In addition, traveling also helps with personality formation and allows you to acquire lots of new knowledge and skills.

Based on everything that we said earlier, it is fair to say that students who are not traveling yet are missing out on a wide range of opportunities. Thus, if you are also among them, it is time to change this. In this article, we have gathered the top seven destinations that are perfect for student tourists. Read on to see what to put on your college must-visit list!

Discovering the rich history, culture, and atmosphere of Italy requires quite a lot of time. Besides, the best time to come here is either autumn or spring, which can be rather inconvenient for busy students, who devote 100% of their time to studying during the academic year. Luckily, you can easily order custom writing at EssayPro to get your assignments done with ease while you will be traveling. So, don’t let academic challenges get in your way of using a chance to see Italy!

Taking a trip to Italy is a dream for the majority of students. Coliseum in Rome, colorful masquerade in Venice, stunning architecture in Pisa – there are so many things to see in Italy that it definitely should be on your must-visit list. 

  • Cuba

For those of you who want to feel the taste of island life blended with tropical exotic, picturesque nature, and, of course, vivid culture, Cuba might be the perfect place to visit while still in college. It is located right between North and South America. Yet, it feels like a completely different world, which is why it attracts so many tourists from all over the world.

Cuba’s unique charm consists of breathtaking views, loud parties, rich history, and the fiery rhythms of local music. It is a place that can’t leave anyone indifferent. But, it is worth noting that spending a few days or a week here is simply not enough to get a complete taste of the local culture. So, if you are up for this venture, consider participating in a student exchange program to have more time at this great place.

  • Turkey

Being located quite far away from the US, Turkey might be slightly harder to reach for students. Thus, ideally, you should visit this country during holidays or if studying remotely. It takes over 13 hours to get there. But, if you are a traveling enthusiast and a lover of unique cultures, be sure that flying to Turkey is well worth the time and money it takes. 

Turkey has lots to offer to student travelers. It’s rich in history and culture. It also stuns visitors with the beautiful nature, warm climate, as well as its unique location on the crossroads of Asia and Europe, which makes it a very special destination. Finally, there is access to as many as four different seas. And, there are also plenty of exciting sights that you can see during your stay.

  • Bolivia

South America is filled with great destinations that are worth visiting. Some of them are extremely touristic, whereas others are not. In this abundance of options, Bolivia may not be the most obvious pick, but we want to assure you that this country can be a great place for your trip.

First and foremost, Bolivia is an extremely student-friendly destination. It can be called a rather low-cost location, so it will be easy to afford even on a tight student budget. Yet, despite its low prices, Bolivia holds many surprises for travelers. It can boast of a unique atmosphere, rich history, breathtaking landscapes, and much more. So, it deserves to be on your list of the top places to see while still in college.

  • Mexico

Mexico is another interesting location that should be considered by student travelers. Being pretty close to the US, it is a destination that is easy to get to and, at the same time, it is pocket-friendly enough for you to be able to afford it with ease. And it is full of unexpected discoveries that you can make during your stay here.

Some of the key things that Mexico is known for include unique cultural heritage, stunning ancient historical sights, vibrant traditions, excellent cuisine, and, of course, stunning nature. A separate mention should be given to various Mexican events and festivals that attract millions of tourists every year. Thanks to all these unique features, Mexico is now one of the young tourists’ dream destinations. So, if you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to put it on your must-see list.

  • Spain

Another destination to consider inside Europe is Spain. One of the biggest highlights of this country is its unique infrastructure. Spain stuns tourists with its remarkable architecture by worldwide famous artists like Gaudi. Also, this country can boast of great, sunny weather, sandy beaches, and a unique atmosphere.

Apart from the weather and architecture, students who visit Spain get a chance to discover the country’s culture with its vibrant traditions, taste local cuisine, and, of course, enjoy a huge number of historical and cultural sights that won’t leave you indifferent. Finally, it is also worth noting that Spain is home to many great people, so, traveling here, students will be able to make lots of new friends. As you can see, there are quite a few reasons to visit this place.

  • Thailand

Finally, the last destination on our list – Thailand has it all. This location is known for being able to cater to every tourist’s needs and expectations, which makes it another must-visit place that students should definitely consider. First and foremost, Thailand is known for having the best beaches in the world. Thus, if you are a fan of the summer vibe, this is a place for you.

Apart from this, Thailand is known for its excellent cuisine. Thai food conquers people’s hearts with ease, so, if you happen to be here, taking a sort of a gastro tour should definitely be included in your program. And even that’s not all. In addition to that, in Thailand students will find breathtaking nature, lots of historical, cultural, and spiritual sights, yoga retreats, surfing spots, and so much more!

The Bottom Line

Knowing how big and diversified our world is, it is natural to feel like you want to see literally everything. Due to this fact, the choice of destinations for your future trips can be pretty tough. But, there is a list of locations that must be included on a student’s must-visit list.

In this article, we’ve provided you with a sneak peek into the list of these must-see locations. Every destination included in this article is definitely worth traveling to, especially while you are still in college. Of course, there are plenty of other places that are also worth seeing. But, the ones we mentioned here are undoubtedly the best, so you can use this list as a starting point for your future adventures.

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