3 Tips to Maintain Gutters: All You Need to Know!

The costs of owning a home can be sharply increased if you fail to take care of basic maintenance tasks. This is especially true of guttering that is exposed to frequent rainy weather in Northern Ireland. Gutters that are filled with debris such as leaves can prevent rainwater from getting to the spout to be carried away from your house safely. The result can be water getting into your internal and external walls, damaging the structures or foundations, causing mould, and even getting into the basement of your home. We provide you with this guide to maintain your gutters and protect your asset.

Cleaning Gutters

Gutters need to be cleaned twice a year at specific times. The first routine cleaning should take place at the end of autumn to remove fallen leaves. Secondly, you need to clear away the debris from flower blossoms and seed pods that have fallen onto your roof during the spring season, so this maintenance should be done just before summer.

This job requires a strong, functioning ladder so that you can reach all the places where debris is trapped. Use waterproof gloves to protect your hands and something to scrape the leaves off the gutter if they have become stuck and need to be dislodged. Place tarpaulin on the ground and toss the debris onto it for collection. 

You will need to rinse your gutters with a hose. Make sure that the water flows through the spout and pipe and that it is not blocked. If the water is not draining completely, tap the pipe to loosen the debris. Flush it until the water shows proper drainage.

Check if Repairs are Needed

After cleaning the gutter, check for any holes or cracks. Use a waterproof sealant to repair these. Check that the gutter bracket is firmly attached to the drainpipe. Reattach it if it has come loose.

When the gutter is clean, you can check to see if it needs repairing.

Professional Help

Climbing on a roof to clean and repair the gutters may be challenging for some people who are afraid of heights or have poor balance. Nevertheless, this chore has to be done, so if you cannot do it yourself, call a professional. For guttering in Belfast, contact an expert who can clean, repair, or replace your guttering.

There are many other problems that can occur with guttering, such as sagging, the growth of grass and other plants, incorrect slope of the drainpipe so that it does not drain completely or causes an overflow in heavy rains, and frozen water in the pipe. If you notice any signs that your gutters are not working as intended or have resulted in damage to your property, get advice. 

If you maintain your gutters and attend to necessary repairs or replace problematic sections, you will be able to rest for the next six months, secure in the knowledge that your home is protected. You can achieve this with a mixture of DIY and professional assistance. 

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