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Es posible un modelo alterno de generación de excedentes? : la nueva economía indígena-campesina

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Artículo de revistaBarkin, David. Rosas, Mara. Es posible un modelo alterno de generación de excedentes? : la nueva economía indígena-campesinaActas Latinoamericanas de Varsovia, 2006 vol. 29 p. 97-110. Palabras claves:
Antropología, Etnología | Agricultura, Economía rural


At present there are millions of people in the world who forging their own alternatives for social and political organization, including a diverse portfolio of productive activities, to promote new mechanisms for developing relationships among themselves and with the capitalist market. This article explores the theoretical implications of this alternative approach and illustrates them with several case studies that have been implemented in Mexico and are being evaluated in other parts of Latin America. The theoretical base for this work is the systematization of non-capitalist (or post-capitalist) forms of economic and socio-political organization for resource allocation and local governance that make possible the (re)distribution of resources within the participating societies to achieve the goals established as part of these alternatives.

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