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The Myth of the Good Neighbour: Paraguay's Uneasy Relationship with Brazil

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Article de revueLambert, Peter. (University of Bath, Reino Unido). The Myth of the Good Neighbour: Paraguay's Uneasy Relationship with Brazil.  / El mito de los buenos vecinos: la difícil relación de Paraguay con Brasil In  Special Issue: Latin American Responses to the Rise of Brazil  / Número especial: respuesta latinoamericana al ascenso de Brasil Bulletin of Latin American Research, 2016 vol. 35 no. 1 p. 34-48. Mots-clés:
Brésil | Paraguay
Politique, Administration publique | Relaciones Internacionales
Brasiguayos / Dependencia / Política exterior / Itaipú
XXIe siècle

Résumé :

Throughout much of its history and especially over the past 60 years, Paraguay's domestic and foreign policies have been heavily influenced by Brazil. Through analysis of three key issues: (a) Itaipú, (b) Brazilian migration, and (c) Mercosur, this article argues that contrary to the image cultivated by Itamaraty, relations of hegemony and dependency continue to characterise important aspects of the relationship between the two countries. An analysis of Paraguay's troubled relationship with Brazil, offers a fascinating insight into the workings of asymmetrical relations of power from the often overlooked perspective of the smaller nation.

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