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ALLEN, Elizabeth A. - researcher (Reino Unido)

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Doctor | University of Glasgow | Place of work: Glasgow

Faculty / Department: Faculty of Social Sciences

B. A. (Hons) University of Durham (1972)/ B. Phil. University of Liverpool (1974)/ PGCE University of London, Institute of Education (1975).

Research group(s):
Center for Latin American Research


Contact email:

G12 SQQ Glasgow

Lines of Research:
Formación y promulgación de la política del Gobierno / Desarrollo amázonico (asistencia social e impacto / Crecimiento urbano (nuevos establecimientos/ Política contemporánea/ Desenvolvimiento social

Subject and keywords:
Brazil | Colombia | Ecuador | Guyana | Mexico
Geography | Environment, Ecology, Natural resources
20th century

Bibliography:ALLEN, Elizabeth A. Fire in Roraima 1998, politics & human impact: what role for indigenous people in Brazilian Amazonia? En: Darrell Posey (ed.). Human Impacts on the Environments of Brazilian Amazonia: the role of Traditional Ecological Knowledge in the Future of the Region, Oxford University Press and Columbia University Press. 2003.
ALLEN, Elizabeth A. Rainforest, Rubber, Trans Amazon Highway & Housing, in Encyclopaedia of Contemporary Caribbean and Latin American Culture, Taylor and Francis, 2000, pp. 12-13, 14, 50-51.

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