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Newspaper Coverage of Three Presidential Campaigns in Chile: Personalisation and Political Strategies

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Article of journalPortales, Juan Cristóbal ; Ramdohr, Tania-Marie ; Suzuki, José Joaquín ; Porath, Willian. Newspaper Coverage of Three Presidential Campaigns in Chile: Personalisation and Political Strategies.  / Cobertura de periódicos de tres campañas presidenciales en Chile: personalización y estrategias políticas Bulletin of Latin American Research, 2015 vol. 34 no. 4 p. 451-466. Keywords:
Information, Communication, Media | Politics, Public Administration
Cobertura estratégica / Cobertura de prensa / Personalización de políticas / Comunicación / Campaña
21st century


We investigate the evolution of political campaign coverage through a content analysis of the topics highlighted in newspapers' agendas during three presidential elections in Chile. Results show an expected increase in the space allocated to the politicians' private lives (privatisation) by 2009, but no change in the attention given to individual politicians' political traits (political competence). Coverage of candidates' campaign strategies had increased markedly in media agendas by 1999, and by 2009 in politicians' agendas. These changes are consistent with some of the recent transformations of political communication in Western democracies, within the framework of the so-called ‘mediatisation’ of politics.

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