This EA Account Is Restricted From Accessing Online (Jan)

This EA Account Is Restricted From Accessing Online (Jan)  >> Are you an avid online gamer with an EA account? Read this article that talks about restrictions on the EA account of online gamers.

Do you want to gain more from the games you love? If yes, then there is a likelihood that you have an EA account.

The younger generation worldwide, especially in the United States, loves to play online games. And to make their online gaming experience more exciting, the players create an EA account that comes with a host of benefits.

Of late, the EA account holders are getting an alert saying that their account is restricted from online access. Of course, it is creating an uproar among them.

The following article, “This EA Account Is Restricted From Accessing Online,” will throw light on this.

But, first, let us learn what an EA account is.

What is an EA account?

An EA account offers two membership services for online gamers, EA Access and Origin Access, collectively called E-Play. The services provide great benefits for online gamers like exclusive in-game challenges and monthly rewards for EA members.

With an EA account, the players can use the online features of all recent EA games.

It also offers online services such as Cloud services for saved games and more.

The best part is that one can create an EA account for free.

No wonder when fans received the message, This EA Account Is Restricted From Accessing Onlinethey were astonished.

What makes EA so rewarding?

EA-Play offers benefits such as:

  • Exclusive perks and library of top titles.
  • A chance to try out some new-released games before their launch with up to 10 hours of playtime. In case a player decides to buy a game, the saved game carries over so that you begin from where you left.
  • Savings on EA digital purchases with a 10% discount. 

EA-Play Pro members get the following additional benefits:

  • Unlimited access to the latest titles
  • In-game rewards 
  • A well-stocked library of deluxe games

Customer reviews on this restriction:

Worldwide loyal gamers playing EA games on PS4, Xbox, PC are quite upset about the pop up “This EA Account Is Restricted From Accessing Online.”

Players post comments on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram about an Error Code 918 that is forbidding them from online access.

Let us learn what the EA parent company “Electronic Arts” has to say about this.

Final Verdict:

Many online users are facing restrictions from accessing any online features on their EA account. According to the customer care community manager from EA, this problem seems to be related to the ongoing login issues. There are prompt replies by EA Help on social media platforms to help solve this problem.

You can also check for more information or contact live customer support at

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