Nerdle Game Online Free {Feb} Find Playing Strategy!

You will get complete information if you love to follow social media trends and come across Nerdle Game Online Free and want to know how to play.

Are you a puzzle genius? Do you like numbers to that level and are confident about solving any puzzle? Have you heard or played Wordle? Similar to the concept of Wordle, there is a game called Nerdle launched Worldwide

So, if you are a number nerd, then this game is perfect for you. But do you know how to play it? If not, stay with us till the end; we will guide you about Nerdle Game Online Free.

What is Nerdle?

The game is the mathematician’s version of Wordle. Wordle, as the name suggests, is a word online game where players have to guess a secret word in six tries.

Nerdle focuses on numbers and their calculation rather than words based on the same concept. As you cannot guess any arbitrary words in Wordle similarly, in Nerdle, you must also be mathematically accurate.

So, here you will be provided with eight boxes that combine numbers and mathematical symbols.

Who made this game?

Just playing with words was fun in the Wordle game. The Nerdle Game Online Free creator got numbers ideas while talking about Wordle. So, the Nerdle game is the idea of Imogen and Richard Mann. Put together by Marcus, solutions by Alex, and got support from Gavin but inspired by Wordle.

While playing Wordle, they agreed that similar fun should be combined with numbers. And then, they, along with his son and colleagues, decided to put together some valid calculations in the form of a puzzle. 

The game is not as easy as it seems, but actually fun while scorching your head. So, we will see in the next section how you play it.

Nerdle Game Online Free-How to play?

  • The game has eight blocks, each arranged in 6 stacks.
  • Also, it has +, -, *, /, =
  • However, you have to follow the BODMAS rule.
  • You have to guess them in 6 attempts.
  • Order matters in the game.
  • It simply means if 5+3 = 8 is valid, but 3+5=8 is not valid due to its order.
  • After the correct guess but at the wrong place, the tile turns purple.
  • But if the number you guessed is incorrect and at the wrong spot, it turns black.
  • Finally, the combination of the right number and right place turns the tile green.

About Mini Nerdle launched last week:

The Nerdle Game Online Free refreshes its puzzle on a daily basis. Also, the game gives you another chance to solve the previous day’s puzzle. However, for the block to be mathematically valid, it must have a ‘=’ symbol. But do not mistake the number on the right of ‘=’ as a calculation because it is just a number. If you find Nerdle a tricky one, you can begin with mini Nerdle. It is the mini version of Nerdle that has six blocks.


Surprisingly, the creator worked over 100,000 valid words, but they chose 17,723 viable “words” because there were a bunch they didn’t think you’d enjoy. To play Nerdle Game, you can visit here.  

Do you find Nerdle Game Online Free brainstorming? Tell us about your experience of this puzzle game in the comment section.

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