Motion Graphics Design in Web Development

Given that moving videos and images are a good way to capture the user’s attention, why not use them in Atlanta web design? Therefore, today we will figure out how to do it right.

Animation is at its peak right now. They are being used almost everywhere. They are great to lure and make the picture more interesting. If you want to add animation to your web design, you can always turn to and implement your idea.

To illustrate what this technique consists of, we give you an illustrative example. Used for example in news headlines: These animations are usually short and visually very impressive. But how do we integrate them into our web design?

1. To display important information

The use of infographics has become very common to provide information to web users. If we create them with a small animated video, the result will be even more impressive. This will allow you to emphasize what is most important to you.

2.Move the user to another location

It can be very helpful to tell the story of your business. If you have an online travel agency, you can create a 30-second clip in which you talk about your endeavors, or take your potential clients to a tropical setting.

3. Make a big statement

This is basically an example of news headlines. Integrate these animations into your website to announce a product launch, news, or any other event you don’t want them to miss. You will grab their attention much better than a static banner. It’s up to you to choose how to do it, although “countdowns” that end with a little teaser are very common.

4. Motion graphics as an educational element

Some concepts are difficult to explain in words, but very easy to grasp with a moving video. For example, some engineering, medical or product design concepts. In these cases, a little animation can help the user better understand what you want to convey.

5. As a funny element

Some websites are less formal than others. In these cases, instead of relying on static images, we can integrate small animations that provide a fun and original point. We have to be careful not to overload it with them, as they can not only slow down loading, but can also be heavy on the user. Integrate them naturally. For example, with a logo that “appears” or is drawn rather than appearing static. Also, as we have mentioned in several points, the impact will be stronger and it will be easier for people to remember you.

Using motion graphics on your website brings numerous benefits, differentiation, recognition and professionalism.  To create this type of effect, special programs are usually used. Give your images movement and focus visual communication on a known narrative. Your site will become unique and unusual with the help of web animation.

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