Kinder Egg Recall Health Canada {April} Useful Details!

The article, Kinder Egg Recall Health Canada conveys the actual scenario of the Kinder Brand salmonella outbreak issue without any bias.

Do you love Kinder chocolates? Have you ever tried to see the fundamental ingredients in Kinder chocolates? Do you know what is Salmonella infection?

The Canada health department has issued a recall notice for some Kinder brand chocolates due to contamination issues.

Here in the news article, we briefly discuss the Kinder Egg Recall Health Canada.

An Overview of the Incident

Kinder Joy is an Italian confectionery company and part of the Ferrero brand. Its unique packaging style, chocolate taste, and hidden surprise toys have attracted children. 

It offers the dual taste of chocolate with cow milk and cocoa cream and crunchy wafers inside. This company has emerged as a trendy brand among children. 

But recently, some food safety officials have raised concerns about the ingredients in Kinder Joy. They recalled the Kinder brand chocolates due to possible contamination by microbes like salmonella, which leads to some health issues among children.

Kinder Egg Recall Canada issue

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control announced that Kinder brand chocolates are likely to be contaminated with salmonella microbes, and nearly 134 children under the age of 10 were hospitalized around the country. 

Basically, Salmonella is a type of bacteria that causes food-related illness, and sometimes the symptoms can be diarrhea, fever, stomach cramps, vomiting, nausea, etc. It affects the intestinal tract of the human body. 

In fear of this contamination and for the welfare of the people, the Canadian health department recalled certain products of the Kinder brand for a year.

Products that are recalled

Kinder Egg Recall Health Canada recalled nearly 20 products, which are listed below,

  • A Kinder Advent Calendar
  • Surprise, The Smurfs
  • Happy Moments – Kinder Confections Assortment
  • Surprise, Natoons
  • Mix – 7 Easter Treats
  • Schoko-Bons
  • Surprise
  • Mini Eggs
  • Surprise, Disney Frozen
  • Surprise, Dreamworks Trolls
  • Mix – Egg Hunt Kit
  • Surprise, Miraculous

The Canadian health department reported that the salmonella-contaminated products had infected no children up to this point, and they have ordered a temporary suspension of production until further investigations are completed. And salmonella infection affects children and older grown-ups with low immune power.

Steps were taken to address Kinder Egg Recall Health Canada

After the incident, the government has announced some guidelines to be followed so that they can stop the spread of infection further.

  • Children experiencing stomach cramps, fever, or nausea should seek medical attention for further treatment.
  • The company’s internal team identified the real cause of this outbreak due to a fault in the raw material tank outlet. So they have disposed of that production batch.
  • Following Canada, many other countries have also recalled the product.
  • Parents are advised to see the expiration date of the every kinder product, and requested choose the recent one 


Thus, the Kinder Egg Recall Health Canada issue is like a warning for the food companies; even if they comprise a minor safety protocol, it may lead to a massive outbreak. Authorities in higher positions should have acted quickly to resolve this issue. 

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