Is Florestia Legit {Oct 2022} Check Website Reviews!

The below written article will lead to an answer to the frequently asked question, Is Florestia Legit or not.

How about shopping for a cute dress, accessories and other household products on a single website? No! That’s not a joke. This is what’s happening in the United States. People are experiencing this in the real world now. Where? Let’s read more about it!

Florestia is a website that gives numerous options for their customers, not just to buy but to experiment with their wardrobe and jewelry collection. Still, people are wondering about whether Is Florestia Legit. Let’s find out! 

Is Florestia Legit Or Scam?

  • Creation On- 15/04/2022 (Nearly 4 months old)
  • Terminating On- 15/04/2023 (Nearly 8 months left)
  • Owner Particulars- The owner’s identity is hidden with WHOIS.
  •  Trust degree- 1%, which is very poor.
  • Trust Score- 45/100, which is an average-low score.
  • Website Rank- 100/100, yet suspicious.
  • Website Popularity- It is inferior with a score of 0. 
  • The domain blacklist – Not detected by any search engine yet.
  • Spam score- 0/100, good score.
  • Florestia Reviews– Some of the reviews are available online and on trusted websites as well.
  •  Malware score- 11/100, the lowest score yet not impressive.
  • Phishing Score- 10/100, low-average score. 
  • Security- Safe and secure HTTPS connection found.
  • Social media appearance- Not found on any social media platforms.
  • Address- Available on the website.
  • Contact details- Unvailable on the website.
  • Customer Service- Can be contacted by filling out a form.
  •  Feedback feature- Available on the website.

Do detailed computation, and analysis indicate the clarification that Is Florestia Legit Or a scam? Yes, it indicates suspicion about the website. 

All about florestia. Com portal- 

Florestia is a Canada-based website selling all kinds of dresses, rompers, accessories, jewels, DIY products and much more. Their website deals with garage products as well. Bodysuits are their specialty, and they are promoting it considerably.

Also, you can see laser hair removal machines, projectors, fur cleaners, high compression suits, ear drops, putter ball games, LED stick lights and neck massagers on the web page. They have particular products on their website, which is suspicious.

Specific Details to check: Is Florestia Legit?

  •  Website Link-
  • Contact number – Not found.
  • Email ID-
  • Address- 980 Tapscott Road, Toronto, Ontario M1X 1C3, Canada
  • Cost of products- USD.
  • Return and Refund agreement- Products can be returned within 30 days.
  • Payment methods- PayPal and Credit card.
  • Shipping Policy- Delivering products within 15-30 days.
  • Tracking – Available
  • Privacy Policy – Collection of device information and location and payment details will be collected. 

Does this thorough analysis indicate a negative answer to the question- Is Florestia Legit? Yes! Let’s see more by checking the pros and cons of this online shopping portal.

Pros of the website:

  • The site seems to be an online store.
  • The website has a valid SSL certificate.
  • Their phishing and malware scores are low.

Cons of the website: 

  • The website has a poor popularity rate.
  • The identity of the owner is hidden with WHOIS.
  • Reviews are fabricated.
  • The website has a fake address, and other details are absent.
  • It has a list of limited products.
  • Return and refund policies are tricky.
  • Many negative reviews regarding the products can be seen.

Check The Authentic Florestia Reviews

Reviews are considered as an essential factor for online shopping sites. The website seems to have numerous reviews from selective people. However, their scores don’t match these records’ authenticity. Also, if someone attempts to submit feedback and reviews, they’ll not accept any of them, and errors will occur. One can find only 5-star ratings and positive reviews about the website products. 

On the other hand, reviews on YouTube and trusted websites determine this webpage as a scam. Further, click here to protect yourself from PayPal and other payment-related scams.

The Last Words

The answer is a big “NO” to the question: Is Florestia Legit? Many essential and crucial points are missing from the official portal. Also, the owner is using paid services with WHOIS to hide its identification. Therefore, we suggest our valuable readers to check the authentic site’s link for their online shopping.  

What do you think about the bodysuits trends? Let us know in the comment section. Moreover, click here to get the safety techniques for credit card cons. 

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