How the Internet Has Helped us In the Fight Against COVID-19?

Fight Against COVID-19: What a dark time it was when the COVID pandemic came up out of nowhere and took over the world. There was chaos all over the world because of this pandemic. Everyone was afraid. The World Health Organization (WHO) rushed to announce that it was a pandemic and everyone panicked. One of the most infectious viruses that swept throughout the entire existence of humankind was this COVID-19 which spread quickly. This pandemic was something that this world had never seen and the magnitude of the devastation was crazy. Since the world knew very little about this new foe, specialists recommended that the most ideal way of facing this hardship was to restrict the interaction between people. People stopped meeting each other and even those who were meeting stopped doing handshakes, hugs, or any kind of physical contact.

Because of COVID 19, a severe lockdown was executed all around the world, and schools were shut close all over the world. People had to isolate themselves in their houses, nobody was permitted to go outside without a mask, and everyone had to follow the SOPs given by the World Health Organization.

This new reality flipped around the world. People were not ready for this. They were used to meeting people, going out, and getting their jobs done. However, this pandemic suggested new conversation starters to individuals all over the world. In the event that people can’t meet, how they would be able to collaborate with each other? How the organizations whether they are big or small will work? No one was sure what will happen and for how long they’ll have the job. While there were no authoritative responses to these inquiries, there was one thing that was somehow the appropriate response to all these problems, and that was the Internet.

Role of the internet during the pandemic

  • Entertainment Industry and Streaming

Internet was no less than a blessing in this pandemic. People were stuck at their houses and with cinemas shut and no cafés to feast in during the COVID pandemic, Americans have been spending a greater amount of their lives on the web. People who used to watch cable TV have switched to streaming services. You get access to amazing movies and TV series. Teenagers spend most of their time on their streaming platforms. With the new TV series and movies coming up every month, you can never get bored. You will always have something to watch.

  • Communication and Social Media

With all open social gatherings dropped, Americans are looking out for redirection on continuous components like Netflix and YouTube and wanting to connect with one another by means of different social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Facebook, Netflix, and YouTube have all seen their subscribers going up as people had nothing to do, many people started getting subscriptions to different streaming platforms and we even see the elders using the social media application to keep themselves updated with what’s happening around the world.

  • Adjusting to the New Normal

The Internet has been around for about a quarter of a century now, yet the new real factors of the world further brought it to the focal point of consideration of individuals from one side of the world to the other. There is no question about the way that people have experienced a tremendous scope because of the pandemic however any reasonable person would agree that the obliteration would have been more prominent than this had it not been for the Internet.

Overnight, the world needed to adjust to the new ordinary and begin to perform a large portion of the work on the web. Some even accepted that the pandemic has changed the way the world works forever and that working on the web is the fate of each area including administration, training, corporate, administration, and even medical services sometimes.

  • Contribution by Service Providers

Many internet service providers offered promotional internet plans to their customers. They knew how hard it was for people to keep internet services who are on a low budget. Companies like Cox offered amazing plans to their customers. With Cox internet, customers who were on a low budget could get amazing speeds and features at discounted rates. There are many companies like Cox, that are still offering promotional plans because many people are still on a tight budget.

How the internet has helped workers and students during the COVID pandemic?

The workplaces and colleges of America have all moved into their storm cellars and lounges. Nothing is significantly affecting internet-based action than this change. People are using applications like Zoom to take classes and for meetings. Many people have started working from home, people are investing millions of dollars in different online businesses, and they are really enjoying doing stuff online

  • Online Education

Many students are being enrolled in online courses and they are saving a good amount of money as there will be a lot of savings on other expenses like traveling costs on top of the course cost. If we compare the virtual education system with the traditional education system, people are now getting comfortable with the virtual education system and prefer to take online courses as you get a variety of courses online and you get to learn from international lecturers.

  • Online Business

There is no denying that the businesses are the ones who got affected the most by this pandemic. Can we even imagine how hard it would be if there is no internet in the world? The last year saw an uncommon expansion in web-based shopping. People did a lot of online shopping and they took that as a therapeutic activity. Many people made their accounts on Amazon and eBay and they did business by selling products.

  • Freelancing

Those people who lost their job started freelancing. They made an account on different platforms like Fiver and Up work. If you have an internet connection and you think that you are good at something, you can easily make money on the internet. People are earning a very good amount of money by freelancing and the number of freelancers is going up every day because of the flexibility. You can work as per your standards and you can do your work anytime.

Summing it up

We cannot deny the fact that the COVID pandemic was no less than a disaster and we faced a huge loss not just financially, we lost our loved ones and many people are getting depressed due to this pandemic. But a positive aspect is that the Internet has come out as a blessing in this time. We should be appreciative of the fact that the world has internet access. Had it not been for the internet, we would have still been grabbing in obscurity and attempting to discover the answers to the absolute most squeezing difficulties the world faces today.

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