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The Social Spaces in Mutation: Sex, Violence and Autism in Albertina Carri’s La rabia (2008)

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Artículo de revistaSelimovic, Inela. The Social Spaces in Mutation: Sex, Violence and Autism in Albertina Carri’s La rabia (2008)In  Visual Culture and Violence in Contemporary Mexico Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies, 2015 vol. 24 no. 4 p. 517-533. Palabras claves:
Cine, Fotografía | Seguridad y Defensa
Albertina Carri, childhood, gaze, space, violence


This essay studies the abrupt mutations of social spaces that suffuse Albertina Carri’s La rabia (2008) through the presence, expressiveness, and art of an autistic child's subjectivity. In depicting such mutations, the film becomes a narrative on gender-based violence, especially in socially isolated settings in Argentine society. The key setting in the film – the airy and open pampas – is not, therefore, just a physical dimension with its culturally encrusted attributes but a terrain for the complexities of domestic violence, struggles with undiagnosed autism, and sexually crude co-dependencies. As the film progresses – tinted with rigid patriarchal ways of life – the immensity of the represented landscape grows increasingly more claustrophobic with each social interaction. The intricate role of the child’s cognitive otherness – her simple, candid yet stirring autistic familial ethnography – ultimately expounds on complex manifestations of interpersonal abandonment within a diegetic locale shaped by patriarchal structures in ruins.

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