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Remembering 1968 in Mexico: Elena Poniatowska's La noche de Tlatelolco as Documentary Narrative

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Artículo de revistaHarris, Christopher  Remembering 1968 in Mexico: Elena Poniatowska's La noche de Tlatelolco as Documentary Narrative . [Trad. Recordando 1968 en México: La noche de Tlatelolco de Elena Poniatowska como un Documental Narrativo ] Bulletin of Latin American Research, 2005 vol. 24 no. 4 p. 481–495. Palabras claves:



This article considers Elena Poniatowska's La noche de Tlatelolco[Massacre in Mexico] as an example of documentary narrative. It examines the narrative strategies she uses to articulate a tripartite interpretation of the events of 2 October 1968. First, it argues that Poniatowska's text represents the Tlatelolco massacre as a crime against humanity constituted by multiple abuses of human rights. Second, the text is shown to expose the cover-up that occurred as a result of the deliberate manipulation of information by the Mexican state. Third, from a more positive perspective, it is argued that the text represents Tlatelolco as a milestone in the ongoing struggle for democracy. Overall, attention is drawn to the importance of Poniatowska's text in the construction of cultural memory as a counter to official history in narrative representations of this particular trauma in Mexican history.

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