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The Indigenous in the Plural in Bolivian Oppositional Politics

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Artículo de revistaAlbro, Robert  The Indigenous in the Plural in Bolivian Oppositional Politics . [Trad. Movimiento Indígena Activo en la Política de Oposición Boliviana ] Bulletin of Latin American Research, 2005 vol. 24 no. 4 p. 433-453. Palabras claves:
América del Sur | Región Andina


This article examines how currents of Bolivia's indigenous movement are gravitating to the city and to the centre of national political life, capitalising on popular sentiment against the political status quo, economic privatisation and violations of national sovereignty. The Movement Toward Socialism led by Evo Morales does not promote a separatist ethno-national project; instead, it uses regional, national and international coalition building to equate indigenous with non-indigenous issues through resonant political analogies that frame Bolivia's national crisis of political legitimacy in terms of indigenous rights, while making common cause with diverse urban popular sectors who, if not indigenous, recognise their indigenous cultural heritage as a crucial background to their own struggles against disenfranchisement.

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