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Crossing Party Lines: Volatility and Ticket Splitting in Mexico (1994–2000)

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Artículo de revistaCrow, David  Crossing Party Lines: Volatility and Ticket Splitting in Mexico (1994–2000). [Trad. Cruzando las Líneas de Partidos: Volatilidad y ‘Ticket Splitting’ en México (1994-2000) ] Bulletin of Latin American Research, 2005 vol. 24 no. 1 p. 1-22. Palabras claves:



This article aims to amplify our portrait of the Mexican electorate by examining the ways in which Mexican electors distributed their votes among the parties during 1994–2000, both over successive elections (volatility) and in the same election (ballot splitting). Aggregate and survey data revealed that Mexicans engaged in these two forms of electoral behaviour frequently, indicators of an electorate in flux. Regression analysis indicated that, contrary to the expectation that the politically sophisticated differentiated their votes, virtually all parts of Mexican society were equally likely to switch parties and split tickets.

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