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Augusto Monterroso, el diálogo entre espacio político y espacio literario

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Artículo de revistaLámbarry, Alejandro. (Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, México). Augusto Monterroso, el diálogo entre espacio político y espacio literarioBulletin of Hispanic Studies, 2014 vol. 91 no. 5 p. 531-544. Palabras claves:
Guatemala | México


During the almost 60 years that Monterroso lived in Mexico he never intervened with so much as an essay or a comment in any major political issue of his host country. This fact is even more surprising if we look back to his personal history and discover that he was a political exile on two occasions, that he aided the leftist governments of Guatemala and Nicaragua, and that his literary work displayed a sincere interest in the social revolutions of Central America and Cuba. This essay tries to solve Monterroso's lack of interest in Mexican politics. We argue that in spite of some of his comments and his evident lack of participation in Mexican politics, he did not imagine the political and cultural fields as two different entities. He worked in both of them so wisely that he never broke Mexican law and he created a revolutionary literary work in form and content.

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