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Sex, soap, and society: telenovela noir in Álvaro Uribe's Colombia

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Artículo de revistaMorgan, Nick. (Newcastle University, Subject Group of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies, Reino Unido). Sex, soap, and society: telenovela noir in Álvaro Uribe's Colombia.  / Sexo, jabón, y sociedad: la telenovela negra en la Colombia de Álvaro Uribe Journal of Iberian and Latin American Studies , 2013 vol. 19 no. 1 p. 53-76. Palabras claves:
Información, comunicación, medios
Telenovela, Colombia, política cultural, Jesús Martín-Barbero, cine negro, realismo, Álvaro Uribe, hegemonía
Siglo XX


This article explores the phenomenon of the narconovela, a variant of the telenovela which emerged in Colombia in the 2000s, gaining huge audiences and dominating the ratings. Taking as its starting point the seminal work of Jesús Martín-Barbero in the 1980s and 90s, it examines the critical reaction to these sensationalist crime stories, questioning the common assumption that their popularity confirms a decline in the moral values of the viewing public. Drawing parallels with film noir, it notes how the pleasure taken in viewing melodramatic and dystopian fictions reveals a number of social tensions without implying that what is in any case a highly diverse audience approves of what it sees on screen. Rather, it understands the narconovela as a dramatisation of the darkest aspects of Colombian common sense which is interpreted in different ways by different social subjects. As part of the argument, it provides a detailed analysis of Sin tetas no hay paraíso, the series which inaugurated the new subgenre, and concludes with the consideration of two small viewer surveys.

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