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More than “queens of the home”: positivist modernisation, teacher training, and gender mobility in Uruguay, 1882–1915

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Artículo de revistaHentschke, Jens R. (Newcastle University, Subject Group of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies, Reino Unido). More than “queens of the home”: positivist modernisation, teacher training, and gender mobility in Uruguay, 1882–1915.  / Más que "reinas de la casa": modernización positivista, formación docente, y movilidad de género en Uruguay, 1882-1915 Journal of Iberian and Latin American Studies, 2013 vol. 19 no. 1 p. 1-30. Palabras claves:
Educación | Historia | Mujer y Estudios de Género
Uruguay, historia, educación, positivismo, género
Siglo XIX | Siglo XX


The training of female primary school teachers was instrumental to the success of Uruguay's remarkable late nineteenth-century education reform which aimed at erasing frontier backwardness. The foundation, in 1882, of the Internato Normal de Señoritas in Montevideo was guided by the positivist zeal to transform rural girls into the central State's priestesses of civilisation. Yet the number of graduates remained low and led, in 1900, to the reorganisation of the boarding school into an instituto with external students, accompanied by the gradual introduction of new philosophical and pedagogical ideas. This study sheds new light on daily life and work in the institution and its increasing conflicts with government. It shows that normalistas who assumed legitimate public positions in a rapidly changing society no longer accepted the role of docile “queens of the home,” which positivists had attributed to them, but supported President Batlle's post-1911 course towards more gender equality.

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