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Pentecostalism and politics in neoliberal Chile

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Artículo de revistaLindhardt, Martin. Pentecostalism and politics in neoliberal Chile.  / Pentecostalismo y política en Chile neoliberal In  Einar Berntzen and Maren Christensen Bjune (Guest Editors/Editores invitados)  Religion and politics in Latin America Ibero Americana (Stockholm), 2012 vol. XLII no. 1-2 p. 59-84. Palabras claves:
Política, Administración pública | Religiones, Creencias
Época contemporánea


This article explores historical and contemporary relationships between Pentecostalism and politics in Chile. The first part of the article provides an historical account of the growth and consolidation of Pentecostal religion within changing political environments and sheds light on Pentecostal stances to and involvements with the political sphere. In particular, it focuses on how a culture of political disenchantment has emerged in post- dictatorial neo-liberal Chile, creating a symbolic void that can be filled by religious movements. The second part of the article discusses possible affinities between Pentecostalism as a religious culture and democratic principles and values. It argues that although Pentecostalism may contain certain democratic qualities, there is also a striking compatibility between, on the one hand, Pentecostal theistic understandings of politics and social change, and, on the other, a neo-liberal social order, where political apathy is widespread and where a privatised rather than a communal and associative sense of progress predominates

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