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"Yo puedo bien español" : influencia sueca y variedades hispanas en la actitud lingüística e identificación de los hispanoamericanos en Suecia

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TesisEsquivel Sánchez, María Denis. "Yo puedo bien español" : influencia sueca y variedades hispanas en la actitud lingüística e identificación de los hispanoamericanos en Suecia. Ed. Institutionen för moderna språk, Umeå universitet  : 2005 213 p. Tesis doctorales. Umeå universitet.  Institutionen för moderna språk. 2005. Palabras claves:
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lenguas en contacto, sociolingüística en Suecia, clichés, préstamos léxicos, préstamos semánticas, préstamos pragmáticas, préstamos sintácticas, tiempo, verbos, identidad y identificación, conciencia idiomática, estandarización, hispanoamericanos en Suecia
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The aim of this research has been to describe and analyse Swedish linguistic and cultural influence, on identification, and idiomatic awareness as well as on the Spanish used by Hispanic Americans who have lived more than 12 years in Sweden. The analysis has been carried out within the field of sociolinguistics, specifically in the area of language contact, drawing on methodological aspects of ethno linguistics, sociology of language and cognitive linguistics. The research was divided into two phases. In the first phase, we describe and analyse Corpus 1, consisting of 20 interviews of first generation Hispanic Americans political refugees. In the second phase, we describe, compare and analyse Corpus 2, which consists of 105 questionnaires distributed to first and second generation Hispanic Americans in Sweden. The results have shown that in Sweden Hispanic Americans have gradually generated a variety of Spanish which clearly shows features of Swedish culture and language and with an aspect of standardisation due to the fact that in the intercommunication between language speakers of varieties of Spanish certain variations have slowly been eliminated over the course of time. The sociolinguistic situation of the informants has been observed as well as the nature of the immigration and identification and idiomatic awareness in relation to their integration or lack of integration into Swedish society. The use of 38 words with a high level of synonymy was also investigated in order to establish standardisation of these representative words among the varieties of Spanish, spoken in Sweden. Furthermore we have investigated clichés, lexical, semantic-pragmatic and syntactic loans from Swedish as well as Swedish cultural influence on use tense among the informants.

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