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The politics of AIDS: inlcusion and exclusion in the Brazilian AIDS NGO politics

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Artículo de revistaFollér, Maj-Lis. (Universidad de Gotemburgo). The politics of AIDS: inlcusion and exclusion in the Brazilian AIDS NGO politics.  / Las políticas de la SIDA: inclusión y exclusión en las políticas de SIDA ONG brasileñas In  Brazil: politics of exclusion and inclusion / Brasil: políticas de exclusão e inclusão  / Brasil: políticas de exclusión e inclusión  Anales - Instituto Ibero Americano, 2010 no. 13 p. 47-90. Palabras claves:
Antropología, Etnología | Salud, Alimentación
Siglo XXI


The article discusses the inclusion of people who are HIV infected and/or living with AIDS in civil society organizations. People who have been excluded and discriminated by thegovernment have used civic activism, protests, and information campaigns to make themselves visible. However, the ENONG network itself gives priority to certain issues related to HIV/AIDS, such as sexual rights, prevention, treatment, and questioning the heterosexual norm. Questions related to drug abuse and the spread of HIV through injections and syringes, have over the years occupied a marginal place on the ENONG agenda. Is this an exclusion due to class, reflecting the different public spaces lived in by drug addicts and gay activists respectively?

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