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Multifuncionalidad ambiental y económica en Alamos Sonora, México

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Artículo de revistaGarcía Zamacona, Guillermo. Multifuncionalidad ambiental y económica en Alamos Sonora, MéxicoActas Latinoamericanas de Varsovia, 2006 vol. 29 p. 143-158. Palabras claves:
Agricultura, Economía rural


In this report we will describe the state of Sonora. It's located in the northwest of Mexico and it is contiguous with the State of Arizona, U.S.A. Our interest is to focus on the activities that land workers (ejidatarios) have carried out rural areas, activities that we describe as multifunctional. We focus on villages that the chiltepín (a sort of a very hot regional chili) and branches (to hold the growing vineyard) were collected. At the some time cattle raising (activity subsidized by the state) became a form of earning. In this rural areas (ejidos o angostura) an agriculture method name mahuechi was practiced. Mahuechi (grubbing felling and burning). Mining was also practiced for awhile and supported by a company that later closed. With a lot of effort the habitants in this areas grew orchards next to their homes from which they took and used different products. Extra earnings were also obtained as paid workers. Different activities help them to survive. One can observe that in the study area the land workers (ejidatarios) supported by the state could cope with their activities.

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