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Nueva institucionalidad e impulso a redes territoriales para el medio rural mexicano

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Artículo de revistaDelgadillo Macías, Javier. Nueva institucionalidad e impulso a redes territoriales para el medio rural mexicanoActas Latinoamericanas de Varsovia, 2006 vol. 29 p. 111-142. Palabras claves:
Desarrollo, Cooperación | Agricultura, Economía rural | Política, Administración pública


Mexico is immersed in processes of change of great relevance for the rural life. As opposed to these challenges, the challenge is centered in the capacities of each local and regional scope to absorb to the interior of its territories and positive way these changes, which are impelled by internal and international factors. These rural territories incorporate an important economy non agriculturist who demands near 40% of the rural manual labor and half of the entrance of her settlers. Before it, the possibility of promoting new institutional and organizationally dimensions requires to a great extent to confront of determined way pure social and economic problems in the rural territories and derived by the unequal terms from interchange that have favored, in most of the cases, to the urban surroundings in its damage. The conceptualization of the rural development and the reaches that have the public policies that today are undertaken to their favor, pass through diversity of approaches and applications with a common denominator: to sobredetermine the proportions on any other aspect the sectorial character. In front of this model it is considered that the strategies and actions to make the rural life excellent require to focus attention on an effort to combine an approach of multidimensional rural development from the vision of the territory; one that promotes a proactive life institutional in benefit of rural means like a whole and of the activities that in their interior are developed. In this approach, therefore the necessity is reinforced to impel processes of support to the agricultural and cattle activities that are basic of the integration of the rural world, next to the activities non agriculturists who appear today like emergent and complementary processes; but, mainly, it is postulated to put in center of the attention the impulse to strategies of territorial planning that consider to own places (and the rural population that inhabits them), like subjects of action of these policies of planning

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