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La presencia de municipios colombianos en internet como factor para el desarrollo regional

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Artículo de revistaMüller, Jan Marco. La presencia de municipios colombianos en internet como factor para el desarrollo regionalActas Latinoamericanas de Varsovia, 2003 vol. 26 p. 99-124. Palabras claves:
Ciudades, Urbanismo, Arquitectura


The presence of municipalities in internet is a key factor in promoting locations in globalized markets. Thus, an impact also on regional development can be expected. Nevertheless, the virtual presence of municipalities in developing countries is very low. The present article investigates the presence of the Colombian municipalities in internet and asks: Who is online and why? How is the net used by the municipalities and which users are addressed? The study shows that there are mainly 4 reasons influencing the virtual presence of the municipalities: demographic size, the vicinity of large cities, tourism as a main economic activity and/or the engagement of private persons, whether being local mayors or natives living in other places trying to erect a “virtual monument” to their hometowns. Especially the last option may be a clue to bring more small municipalities into the world wide web.

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