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Rethinking the Legacy of the Liberal State in Latin America: The cases of Argentina (1853–1916) and Mexico (1857–1910)

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Artículo de revistaNegretto, Gabriel L.; Aguilar Rivera, Antonio  Rethinking the Legacy of the Liberal State in Latin America: The cases of Argentina (1853–1916) and Mexico (1857–1910). [Trad. Reconsiderando el Legado del Estado Liberal en América Latina: Los casos de Argentina (1853-1916) y de México (1857–1910) ] Journal of Latin American Studies, 2000 vol. 32 no. 2 p. 361-397. Palabras claves:
| América del Sur
Argentina | México
Política, Administración pública | Historia


The predominant interpretation of nineteenth century Latin America is to see the failure of constitutional democracy in the region in terms of the inability of liberal elites to break with an authoritarian past. Against these views, we argue that the divorce between liberalism and democracy in Latin America was the unintended outcome of the institutions created by the liberal elite in response to the problems of territorial fragmentation and factional conflict that emerged after the fall of the Spanish empire. Using the cases of Argentina and Mexico, we support this proposition by focusing on the creation of a centralised form of government and a system of electoral control by the ruling elites as the main factors that through time prevented the evolution of the liberal regime into a competitive democracy.

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