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Irish Migration Studies in Latin America

Revista Itinerarios

Ano: 2015 vol. 8 n. 4

Wall, Sinéad; Izarra, Laura P.Z. (eds.). Travel Writing: Encounters within and through Irish and Latin American spacesAmérica Latina


The premise for this Special Issue of the Journal of Irish Migration Studies in Latin America is to explore how the geographical spaces and peoples of Ireland and Latin America are depicted in the narratives by authors, migrants and travellers from both sides of the Atlantic.

Kenny, Colum. From Buenos Aires to Belfast to Brooklyn: William Bulfin’s rambles in literary journalism.In  Wall, Sinéad; Izarra, Laura P.Z. (eds.) Travel Writing: Encounters within and through Irish and Latin American spaces p. 10-26 Argentina
William Bulfin; The Southern Cross; journalism; the Irish in Argentina.
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This article addresses the international literary journalism of William Bulfin (1864-1910), an Irishman who became editor and proprietor of The Southern Cross in Buenos Aires and a chronicler of daily life. He penned evocative impressions of Argentina and Ireland for The Southern Cross and for influential publications in Ireland and the USA. His tales from the pampas evoke the realities of immigrant life and the ways of the “gauchos”. His later tour of Ireland resulted in a best-selling book. His readers included James Joyce in Italy, whom Bulfin had met and described anonymously. Bulfin wrote to rouse people to a heightened sense of place. His voice was that of a journalist speaking to and of cultures in transition, and for a broad readership. He did not permit genre or format to constrain his ambition, and his body of work challenges any narrow definition of travel writing.

Wall, Sinéad. Materialising Irish/Argentine diaspora spaces and transnational identities in William Bulfin’s travel sketches for The Southern Cross newspaper (1891-1903)In  Wall, Sinéad; Izarra, Laura P.Z. (eds.) Travel Writing: Encounters within and through Irish and Latin American spaces p. 27-38 Argentina
William Bulfin; travel sketches; The Southern Cross.
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William Bulfin (1864-1910) left Ireland in 1884 to work and travel within Argentina for over twenty years, the majority of which he spent writing articles for the Irish-owned newspaper The Southern Cross . This paper considers how Bulfin’s series of travel sketches constitute the relationship between mobility, materiality and the expression of a transnational Irish/Argentine identity. It also examines how Bulfin imaginatively constructs ‘diaspora space’ in his sketches or crónicas as well as how they bolster his attempts to extend the boundaries of Irishness and Irish national territory to incorporate the diaspora space of Argentina whilst simultaneously inscribing this space onto his travel sketches, ‘In Eirinn’, about his later journeys around Ireland. Drawing on a framework of Avtar Brah’s notion of diaspora space this paper analyses the confluence of narratives that Bulfin produces for The Southern Cross and how his migration experience and identity is translated from one geographical location to another in addition to becoming part of the material culture which underpins this very experience.

Galazzi, Mariano. “Thousands of miles through untrodden lands”: The life and writings of Marion MulhallIn  Wall, Sinéad; Izarra, Laura P.Z. (eds.) Travel Writing: Encounters within and through Irish and Latin American spaces p. 39-57 América Latina
Marion Mulhall – Irish Diaspora – Argentina – South America – Travel writing
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Marion Mulhall (née Murphy; Balbriggan, Ireland, 1847 – Surbiton, England, 1922) was the wife of journalist and statistician Michael G. Mulhall. After their marriage, she moved with him to Buenos Aires, and accompanied him in his travels. She wrote several books and articles on the lands they visited, and on history and social issues. The aim of this article is to describe the main events of her life and of her experiences in South America, and to analyse her views on those lands, especially on the Irish immigrants.

Izarra, Laura P.Z. Translated Irelands Beyond the SeasIn  Wall, Sinéad; Izarra, Laura P.Z. (eds.) Travel Writing: Encounters within and through Irish and Latin American spaces p. 59-72 América Latina
travelling texts; Irish identity; diasporic narratives
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This paper discusses the concept of travelling texts, or textual travels, considering the transnational and translational function of a culture of survival (Bhabha 1995). The aim is to show how those texts and travelling symbols shaped the identity of the Irish diasporic community in Argentina at the beginning of the twentieth century and its contemporary resignifications.

Glynn, Douglas M. Transamerican Readings of Diasporic Irish ParentageIn  Wall, Sinéad; Izarra, Laura P.Z. (eds.) Travel Writing: Encounters within and through Irish and Latin American spaces p. 73-84 América Latina
Irishness, diaspora, transamerican, figure, stererotypes
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The aim of this study is to explore and analyse the ways in which ‘Irishness’ in the literatures of the Caribbean and Latin America is represented and performed in a relatively broad corpus of literary works. To this end I discuss four fictional texts, Francisco Goldman’s The Divine Husband , Erna Brodber’s Myal , Zoé Valdés’ I Gave You All I Had and Roldfo Walsh’s Irish boys after a cat , which, when reading their respective Irish characters from a transamerican approach, seem to establish a paradigm of classic stereotypical representations of the diasporic Irish mothers and fathers and ‘Irishness’. I therefore elaborate upon theories of diaspora space and offer my understanding of literary ‘figures’ to observe and comment on the problematic outcomes of such representations. I argue that the perceived paradigm among these texts subsequently allows for further studies of their principal characters who are the hybrid offspring of diasporic Irish parent figures.

McKeown, Aisling. Travelling Tales of the Unexpected: Stories of a Yellow Town and the Brazilians in GortIn  Wall, Sinéad; Izarra, Laura P.Z. (eds.) Travel Writing: Encounters within and through Irish and Latin American spaces p. 85-97 Brasil
The Gombeens; theatre; Brazilian community in Gort; migration
Época contemporánea


This paper explores the potential of theatre to facilitate tolerance and understanding between a host country and its migrant communities. It investigates how the ‘verbatim’ theatre form is employed by a duo called The Gombeens to tell the stories of the Brazilian and Irish residents in the west of Ireland town of Gort, Co. Galway. The Gombeens also draw on the Irish oral tradition and its use of stories to rationalise and foreground the experiences of daily life, so that the traditional storytelling form takes on a contemporary resonance in representing Ireland’s multicultural reality. The power of their portrayal of both migrant and Irish stories is a consequence of their engagement with the audience and the verbatim style of their storytelling. The paper assesses the value of this form of theatre as a means of exploring the migrant condition, illustrating its capacity to convey the negative as well as the positive experiences and presenting the audience with some uncomfortable truths.

Irish Migration Studies in Latin America
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Editor: Society for Irish Latin American Studies
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Smoorbeg, Kill - County Waterford, Ireland

Publica investigaciones originales sobre las relaciones entre Irlanda y Latinoamérica, el Caribe y la Península Ibérica, desde todas las disciplinas académicas de Humanidades y Ciencias Sociales.

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