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Revue Studies in Hispanic Cinemas

Studies in Spanish & Latin-American cinemas

Revue TECSISTECATL Revista Académica de Ciencias Sociales de México
Studies in Spanish & Latin-American cinemas
Papier | Version numérique avec souscription | Cuatrimestral | Royaume-Uni SLAC
ISSN version papier : 2050-4837
ISSN version numérique : 2050-4845
Année de création : 2013

Editeur: Intellect Ltd.
Adresse : The Mill, Parnall Road, Fishponds, Bristol, BS16 3JG, United Kingdom


Formerly published as Studies in Hispanic Cinemas, 2004-2013, the journal is dedicated to the study of Spanish-speaking and Latin American cinemas. Coverage includes the cinemas of Spain and Spanish-speaking South, Central and North America, including the Caribbean, and Brazil. Our target readership includes students, teachers and scholars. The double-blind peer-reviewed journal is written in English to maximize the opportunities for contact between academic disciplines such as Media, Film Studies, Latin American and Post- colonial Studies, as well as Hispanic Studies, thereby encouraging an inter-cultural and inter-disciplinary focus.

Revue liée à : Studies in Hispanic Cinemas

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